5 Simple Things All Organized People Do


No matter how organized you think you are, there’s always a deeper level of organization to reach. The super-organized have their calendars planned out for the next month, their clothes neatly hanging (and organized by how often they wear them), bookshelves color-coded, and work goals sorted out for the week.

These are the kind of people who can always put their hand on what they need that have their outfits prepared the night before, and their lunches prepped for the week. When you are this level of organized, you always feel as though you have more time. You aren’t rushing into work with half-brushed hair, no, you’re swanning in early to put your prepped lunch in the fridge. That’s the dream; if you want to be successful, you want to be organized, too.

And to become organized, you need to know what makes these people tick.

Instead of hating that person, why not figure out how they do it?


It’s all about the tools you have that can make you more organized. A simple notebook like the Make It Happen notebook can do so much. Did you know that everyone from Richard Branson to Anna Wintour carries a lined notebook with them wherever they go – they do not get caught without it. Combine this with a killer daily or yearly planner, and you’re on to a winner.

Organized people know the tools that are going to make them successful are the ones that can help them streamline their lives, from apps and automations to planners and desk pads. It’s all in the tools you choose.


If you don’t set yourself small limited goals, you will feel overwhelmed. It’s about breaking up your day into manageable chunks. Even if you want to organize your home, you need to think about tackling it bit by bit instead of overwhelming yourself and creating ambitious goals.

Organized people always know the priority of their tasks and what they can afford to put off or delegate. This is how they stay on top of everything and make every day look easy.


If you’re trying to be organized but don’t know where to start, you might have too much stuff. Before you even start organizing, you might need to get rid of some stuff. De-clutter your home, your desk, your life before you start trying to organize it and make it into something smooth and streamlined.

Minimalism doesn’t have to be hard, all you have to do is have a hard think about whether you really do need everything that you have and start creating bags of things you want to get rid of. Donate old clothes, take junk to the skip, find a recycling plant for the things you don’t need anymore – it’s important that you start with the right foundation before you try to become super organized.


Stop overcomplicating your organization. It’s all so simple. A planner for your daily plan, a basket for your receipts, a drawer organizer for your files, a folder for papers. Think small, not big. You don’t need to do a complete 360 renovation to be more organized; you just need to simplify your processes and invest in things that you’ll use every day to stay organized. For example, the Goals 2019/2020 Diary is a great investment if you want to get organized for the entire year.


One system does not fit all if you want to be more organized, create a system that works for you. Some people find that putting all their daily tasks in a system and tracking them with an app helps. Over the years I’ve found that creating a document with deliverables and times for ambitious projects and using a year planner for deadlines with a good old fashioned notebook for daily life is the best combination for me.

Test some different systems and see what works the best for you, you might be surprised about what you can achieve when you find the system that works for you.




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