5 Things All Super Successful Women Have In Common

Work hard, and you’ll reach the top…is it really that easy? Or do those super successful career girls have some handy secrets to their success?

We believe you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself, and most successful women believe in themselves constantly. Over the years of interviewing and meeting successful women from all lines of work, we’ve found they have five key things in common. So if you want to be a success, make sure you do these things:


Your success in life and in your career comes down to having a vision and making a plan. What do you really want, what is that thing you dream about? Be honest, and don’t settle for less. Want to be an astronaut? The CEO of your company? Break an Olympic record?

Dream as big as you can, because you don’t have to reach your goals overnight! Write them down, and after that, break down your goals into achievable mini-goals, like finding your mentor or reaching out to people who already have your dream job! Clear to-dos make it easier, and let’s be honest…it’s fun to check them off!


It might be nice to dream about your career path, but talking about it with somebody who has actually walked the walk is fun and inspiring. It might be scary to ask for advice, but trust me, most of them love to talk about their passion!

We all remember those days where we had a dream, but no clue how to get there. You can be a mentor, or look for one, it’ll definitely help you in your career. You might find a mentor in the most unlikely of places, we’ve got a few suggestions of inspiring women if you need them.


You have to love what you do. That’s a tricky one. You can’t choose what you love, but once you’ve found your passion, you will be unstoppable. Have you heard about the 10,000 hours rule? It’s a theory that says you’ve got to practice something for 10,000 hours to fully master the skill. Guess what? It won’t feel like 10,000 hours once you’ve found the thing you love.

Do some online tests, ask around if you can pay a day’s visit or intern for a week! Reach out to people who can help or inspire you.


Somewhere down the road, there will be a moment where you’ll have to make a tough decision. A decision your friends don’t understand, your parents might say it’s stupid, or your boyfriend will think you’re wrong.

Let’s be honest; quitting your job, investing all your savings or moving to a different country sounds pretty radical, but sometimes it might just be what you need! They mean well, but even loved ones can be wrong! If you feel it in your bones, and you truly believe it’s a good decision…go for it. You’re probably right, and if you’re not, you’ve learned a valuable lesson. It’s better to be sorry about the things you have done, than the things you haven’t done.


Remember; work is just work. You’re supposed to have a life outside of the office. Being able to relax, to charge your batteries, get inspired and keep your spark is essential if you want to shine at the office. Whether it’s your new boyfriend, a new restaurant you want to try, a 5k race you’re training for, or a pottery class. Be passionate about life, and you will never run out of energy. Shine on!



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  1. This list is inspiring! Finding a mentor has been such a helpful tool for me.

    Jessica | jessicabarcelos.com

  2. It’s all about balance! The most important thing is keeping focused on your goals and what you want your end result to be, that keeps your priorities straight.

  3. Great post and super inspiring! I agree with all points – especially about finding a mentor! Many think that they have to do it all themselves in order to be successful, but when there are amazing people out there that we can learn from, why not harness that?!

    Rae of Love from Berlin
    Bloglovin’ // instagram

  4. This is inspiring me to actually sit down and write out my vision. I think I need the physical reminder in front of me in big, bold type, so that I don’t get distracted by the unimportant things.

  5. Great post. They only thing the contributor forgot to mention is that money makes the world go round, therefore we also need a respectable sum of money to make our dreams turn into reality :]

  6. I personally think, you don’t necessarily need a respectable sum of money to turn your dreams into reality. At CGD, we cover stories of successful women and most of them didn’t have loads of money to begin with… That’s why they’re so inspiring and hopefully will motivate girls to follow their dreams

  7. Thank you for your response :) Being close to my 30s I’m sometime harsh with being down – to -earth but yes, I’m also inventive on realising my personal goals.

  8. I really loved this post! I agree with all your points! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

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  9. Wow I just wrote an article simulair to this one. Finding a mentor is very good advise and lots of people are willing to share knowledge out there. I believe in working together towards success.


  10. What an informative article. It’s grat to know these handy little secrets to success. Thank You for the wonderful article :) I especially agree with making it a point to have a vision and to dream as big as you can.

    Faithfully Me; Lindsay.

  11. Hey Louisse, I’ve just checked out your blog – I really love it :) Especially your “World Domination” Section! It’s great to come across inpiring blogs like yours, especially since there aren’t that many around.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Faithfully Me; Lindsay.

  12. After putting money as the main focus a deed often loose it’s deeper purpose. I believe in making money to make you dream come true rather then the opposite.

  13. Thank you for your lovely comment and after visiting your beautiful website I see we have simulair opinions. Look forward to reading your life lessons.

  14. I love reading articles like these on CGD. Things make more more sense when you realize there are people out there who have thoughts similar to yours even though they are miles away from you.

    Thankyou for this one! xx

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