5 Things Caffeine Does To Your Body


The alarm clock goes off, you pull yourself out of bed and you’re already thinking about that skinny, no-fat blah blah coffee. It’s lunchtime and you’ve hit the wall, you’re staring blankly at the screen and you need your next fix. We depend on coffee, and it can either run or ruin your day. But, do you really know what caffeine is doing to your body?

1. It keeps you active and alert

Sure, it helps you get through your morning meeting — but its effects are potentially way longer-lasting! In low doses, taken long-term, coffee has been shown to reduce fatigue and increase alertness. No wonder it’s the nation’s go-to every morning!

2. It can decrease your chances of getting breast cancer

A 2011 Swedish study has found that in post-menopausal women, who are serious coffee drinkers are at a decreased risk of breast cancer. Other studies have shown progress in pre-menopausal women. Fingers crossed!

3. It can impact your heart’s health

Some elements of caffeine have been proven to act as anti-oxidants, which help blood flow and improve your heart’s health. However, it can also increase blood pressure when used over a long period of time, or in high dose.

4. It dehydrates you 

Coffee is a diuretic; it tells your brain to get rid of water! So be sure to double up on your water intake if you’re indulging.

5. It causes AND cures headaches

This is one of those catch-22s of coffee. Caffeine is used in many headache-curing drugs,  but too much caffeine will give you a headache. If you become a regular coffee drinker, you’ll become dependent on it. Then if you stop suddenly, you’ll go into withdrawal and bam! Headaches again.

6. It worsens anxiety

A shot of caffeine will send a signal to your central nervousness system that it needs to wake up; if you’re an anxious person, this might send you into a panicked mode. It’s a good idea to stay away from caffeine if you suffer from mood disorders or panic attacks!

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