5 Things We Can Learn From Super Successful Entrepreneurs

Building a business up to ‘world domination’ status is no mean feat. Yet it doesn’t necessarily take a certain type of person as it does a certain approach – which any girl can learn. Even if you’re not wooed by the idea of being CEO, there is wisdom for all of us in these five life lessons, as shown by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. And if you want to learn from want successful people don’t do, carry on reading here!

Calculate the risk, then dive right in
As founder of top beauty blog ‘Into The Gloss’ and skincare, makeup brand ‘Glossier’, Emily Weiss worked at W magazine and Vogue before launching her own platform. Based on her desire to explore the beauty cabinets of high-profile women, Weiss spotted a gap in the market during her Vogue days. She took the leap with the knowledge she built up, and it paid off – to the tune of a $10 million investment. Risk and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, but it’s vital you do your research first. Calling all entrepreneurs, read this article to discover the free tools you can use to grow your business!

Hustle til you drop! 
Before launching her talk show in the 80s, Oprah Winfrey worked for several local media companies. Fully versed in the ropes of the broadcasting world, she launched a production company and later, OWN TV network in 2011. All on top of authoring five books and publishing O magazine! She’s the richest African-American entrepreneur ever, worth $3 billion. She proves that making the most of your opportunities, whether you may find them, can really pay off!

Ambition is KEY
After leaving school at 15 and becoming a mom at 18, Michelle Mone’s ambition is what made her successful. Within two years, she managed to land a leadership role in the marketing department of a beer company. Being made redundant didn’t stop her – she jumped that hurdle, found a niche and created the ‘Ultimo’ bra with comfort in mind. Meet 10 more Career Girls who prove anyone can start a business here!


Your start does not determine who you are
Original #GIRLBOSS and Nasty Gal founder, Sophia Amoruso, had little money and left school after being faced with health problems. Since developing her passion for selling vintage clothing on eBay, she has established a hugely successful fashion brand. Despite the setbacks, Sophia shows if you’ve got an idea – you can make it. Why not check our article on Michaela DePrince to feel even more inspired by a powerful woman?

Own your identity
When Diane von Furstenberg married German prince, Egon von Fürstenberg, she was keen to establish her own career and independence beyond the ‘princess’ title. Her DVF brand saw the launch of the iconic wrap dress, and she has since launched homeware, cosmetics and established a publishing company. Egon von Fürstenburg who?

Written by Isabel Togoh

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