5 Things You Didn’t Know About IBM’s Ginni Rometty

Virginia Rometty (known as Ginni) is the powerhouse CEO behind the technology giant IBM.
She has made worldwide headlines for being the first woman to head this multinational company. Rometty is regularly featured in various industry lists being noted for both her power and influence. She is a hugely inspirational figure for career girls. She would be the ultimate mentor for many business women. As famous as she is, here are 5 things you may not have known about Ginni.

#1 Her mother is her hero

As a role model for many people, it is refreshing to note that Ginni’s ultimate hero is her mother. Ginni and her siblings were raised by their mother alone after her father left them. Ginni was influenced by her mother’s strong will and powerful attitude. Undoubtedly an upbringing like this has provided her with the determination required to get her to the position of success she is in today.

#2 She is fiercely loyal

In today’s world, most people switch job every few years. Not Ginni. She started IBM in 1981 and has remained ever since. Through exceptional hard work and commitment, she has risen to the very top. Thirty-four years of perseverance have certainly reaped the reward.

#3 She has always been a step ahead

Ginni obtained a scholarship in 1975 from General Motors to attend University. Her subjects of choice were computer science and electrical engineering. Especially at this time these areas were hugely male dominated. This didn’t hold Ginni back and she excelled.

#4 She likes her privacy

Ginni likes her personal life to remain private. She likes her business acumen to do the talking. Despite being married to husband Mark for 35 years, she rarely speaks about him. Photographs of the couple together are also rare. She has however made public comments about how important he has been in contributing toward her continued success.

#5 She breaks with tradition

Not only is Ginni an incredible business woman, she is also a talented golfer. She is one of a tiny number of women who has obtained membership to Augusta National Golf Club. This club famously would not allow female members until 2012. Due to her powerful influence she broke through barriers and got the club to break with its long-held tradition.

Clearly Ginni is an inspiration to career girls worldwide. She has many lessons to offer in how to succeed and be the very best. If you need more inspiring women, check out the lessons we can learn from Jameela Jamil and Sheryl Sandberg.


By Catherine Murphy

  • camille

    This woman is absolutely amazing. Every girl should look up to her

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