5 Things You Didn’t Know About Victoria Beckham

photo: Estee Lauder


You think we would know all there is to know about Posh Spice by now. With the media circling everything she does, her face is no stranger to our screens. But, from pop princess to business tycoon, these days Victoria Beckham has proved she is more GirlBoss than Spice Girl. The icon has successfully transformed her image and pushed her way to the top of an unbreakable industry. But, here’s what you might not know:

1. From fame to business woman

‘First time around I felt famous, but now I feel successful’

Victoria wanted to be taken seriously as a businesswoman, rather than being known for being an ex-Spice Girl. However, pushing her way into an uninviting industry put the former pop star under much speculation and criticism. Pitching her designs to fashion editors and buyers in a New York Suite many years ago saw the fashion world finally go crazy for her designs. She must have delivered some sales pitch! Despite the negative press, she has rocketed her net worth to £240 million.

2. It took three years to launch her brand

‘I don’t feel I have anything to prove’

It only took three years for Victoria Beckham to take her newly-launched brand to New York Fashion week, doing what many people take decades to do. In 2015, the fashion line had a turnover of 34 million. The success of this means she can employ over one hundred and fifty people from New York to London. By clawing her way into the industry, she is living proof of the power of transformation, and she did it under a microscope. Her collection even beat off other prestige designers like Tom Ford and Stella McCartney for Brand of The Year award!

3. The six-day routine she swears by 

‘Once I get into something, I do it properly’

Being the busy Career-Mom she is, Victoria knows the importance of scheduling and getting into a routine. Weekdays, her routine starts at six am every morning with a ninety-minute workout. After that, it’s about the kids and the school run! Then, it’s meetings about rebranding, casting for models, new collection ideas etc. Victoria’s lifestyle keeps her busy, right up until the last moments of the day. Even lying in bed next to David Beckham at night can’t keep her away from her business (is she crazy?).

4. She understand she has a responsibility

‘This is the beginning of an important journey for me. As a woman and a mother, I have a responsibility to support other women.’

The designer has been a patron for AIDS for over a decade, and due to her celebrity status, her campaigns have reached millions worldwide.The designer was named as a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador and has sold a staggering six hundred items from her personal wardrobe to raise money.

5. She’s just like us

‘If you want to have a career, and be married with children, then you can. It’s full-on, but it’s doable’

We may assume that her money and image contributes to her success, and critics are quick to suggest that she does nothing at all. Even though, financially she doesn’t need to work, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t work hard. What, we probably don’t know about Victoria is that she’s just like us. She’s a woman who multitasks because she has to. Juggling running a fashion label, being her own marketer, taking calls from the kids who have forgotten their lunch money, being a model wife and checking emails in bed. Her schedule works because she does several things at once. Always a mom first, she has even had her children sit front row next to Anna Wintour! It’s not all about the money, but the careers us women build for ourselves.

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  • Stephanie Hartley

    I think it’s so overlooked how inspiring some women are, just because they’re famous doesn’t mean they don’t work hard! I need to start getting up at 6am every day hehe

    Steph – http://www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  • lilian Tahmasian

    i look up to her so much! <3


    I think that people underestimate Victoria and say that she’s ‘just an ex-Spice girl” but what she’s able to do is incredible on it’s own. Add in being a mother and a wife- wow, kudos to her


  • MihaBalan

    I admire her so much, very hard working and ambitious even though she has everything after all, a really hot husband, beautiful kids, money but she is still rocking it. I also love the fact that she is not always smiling in the cameras pretending she is something she is not. Respect!

  • dreamofadventures

    She really is an admirable woman =o) Thanks for sharing this inspiring post =o)