5 Things To Discuss On Your Lunch Break Today


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There’s been a lot of interesting stuff happening in the news this week! We’ve hand picked some of the highlights for you to check out because we know career girls love to be in the know.

Definitely some conversation starters in here for your lunch break today!

New Women’s App For Finding A Bestie

It’s basically a better, cooler Tinder! The Hey! VINA app allows you to connect with like-minded women – swipe right to meet them and left to skip them. You take a quiz to establish if you’re wine or coffee, live to work or work to live, outside or inside, introvert or extrovert, daylight junkie or night owl, fly by the seat of your pants or have a plan (and you can choose to be in-between each category too!). Find a new best friend, create the next best squad!

Stress Can Improve Your Health

A study conducted by Indiana University over a seven-year period showed that stress could actually extend people’s lives! There is a catch, hough. This only applies to people who have some level of control over their stressful situations. If you’re stressed at work and can’t do anything about it because it’s out of your control, you could be reducing your life expectancy…

Taylor Swift Deposition About Assault

In 2013, Taylor Swift attended a meet and greet where she was allegedly assaulted by Denver country radio DJ David Mueller. The ongoing legal battles since then have made headlines and her video deposition about the incident was just released. She describes the event: “I remember being frantic, distressed, feeling violated in a way I had never experience before.”

Men And Women Are Nearly Equal – When It Comes To Alcohol Consumption…

New research in a global study has shown that the gender inequality gap when it comes alcohol consumption is narrowing! Women now nearly drink as much alcohol as men. Men are now only 1.2 times as likely to drink a problematic amount. This is one gender equality statistic we’re not excited to see hitting the headlines…

Balenciaga Announce New CEO

The fashion house has revealed that their new CEO and Chairman taking over from Isabelle Guichot is Cédric Charbit! He is moving to Balenciaga from Yves Saint Laurent, where he worked as executive vice-president of product and marketing. Guichot is leaving after an incredible nine years of work for the brand and will be announcing her next role shortly.

What do you think of our picks from the news this week? What headlines will you be discussing on your lunch break today? 


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