5 Things Every 20 Something Trying To Buy A House Goes Through

In your early 20’s you’ve just graduated from college or started in your first proper job and you’re striking out on your own. For the first few years of this decade, you will likely hop from apartment to apartment in various towns or cities and you will change roommates several times. You’ve come to realize that paying for an overpriced space with lackluster appliances in exchange for enjoying the lively nightlife may be overrated. You’ve decided it’s time to really grow up and make your first adult purchase: a house.

#1 You realise you have no idea about your credit score

You want to buy a place of your own, but you have one tiny problem: you haven’t had time to build up your credit. Without a strong (which usually comes from a long) credit history, it is challenging to buy a home. The bank wants to know you’re reliable! But have faith in the credit that you have built. If you think your credit score could use some improvement, make sure you pay your bills on time, ensure that you don’t have more than a third of your available credit used at all times and show that you are able to financially manage the things you do own. You got this.

#2 You start looking for sensibility over style

You’d rather walk up six steps, than six flights of stairs when it comes to transporting your groceries from the car to the kitchen counter. You’d also like more than a foot long counter space to cook gourmet cuisine instead of lean cuisine (microwavable dinners don’t count as cooking anymore). You know that the ugly house you just looked at would be great once the current owners stuff is out, and the fact that it’s ugly in photographs means the price is low. Bargain!

‘Don’t just follow the trend; make sure your space suits you, both personality and lifestyle’

#3 You fantasise about your own space constantly

Instead of sharing space with your college roommates-turned-real-life-roommates, you want your own space. One that is free of sticky beer battered floors and counters cluttered with red solo cups. Find a place in an area that compliments your personality, but also one that is functionally representative of who you are. Maybe you’d prefer to live in a more suburban area with a yard because you enjoy spending time outdoors? Or maybe you like the urban hustle and bustle so you prefer to live in a spacious city loft? Don’t just follow the trend; make sure your space suits you, both personality and lifestyle.


‘Where will you be in a year’s time?’

#4 You suddenly start to get cold sweats about the future

You want an adult space to adult furniture and not Ikea furniture. You’d rather share the bathroom with your future family than your current roommates. You want your home to be closer to a school district that produces award-winning scholars rather than a bar that produces award-winning beer pong players, and those thoughts scare you. Where will you be in a year’s time? Probably right where you are, if this house hunting process annoys you as much as it does every other 20 something in the world.

#5 You find your perfect house but you can’t afford it…ever

You’ll never afford that mansion with the car lift, pool and sparkling marble counters, but you can put it on your wishlist, register your interest and maybe even go to a viewing just in case you come into some money in the next few months. If you believe in magic it really can happen. All the other properties look horrible in comparison now, maybe you’ll just stay where you are.

There are many different obstacles that present when you are leaving behind your renting ways and trading them in for more mature habits of career girls. As with any change, there is usually an awkward feeling of unease with a need for adjustment. But regardless of your place within this process, remember: “Don’t be afraid of change. You may lose something great, but you may gain something better.”

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Featured Photo Credit: Lappartementliving.com