5 Things Every Twenty-Something Knows About Life

Being a twenty-something is hard. When I was 14 I thought fondly of the upcoming ten years of my life.

I thought by 24 I’d be an inspiring woman who everyone knew and loved, that I’d stay the same weight as I was when I was 14 and that I’d dress really well all the time. Turns out your twenties are just as painful as your teens, you’re still figuring stuff out but now you can’t turn to your parents to sort things out for you.

Illustrator Julie Houts gets it. In fact, she gets it so well that she’s drawn it for us.


1. Saving money is really hard 

Julie Houts


I’m saying this as someone who just spent a lot of money in the shops after work. We all have the best intentions when it comes to saving, and there are a ton of really useful resources. But it’s hard. There’s so much cool stuff we want!

2. Social media can get kind of creepy



We all know that kind of dirty feeling when stalking has gone way too far. Whether you started off looking at your ex and ended up looking at your childhood best friend’s cousin’s girlfriend. It can get out of hand. It’s just too easy!

3. Things change as you get older



A Friday night when we were in our early twenties is a lot different to one in our late twenties. I’m 24, and even I can appreciate a collagen face mask over late night partying. Of course, you still like a blow out now and again, but you know, it’s all about resting and relaxing. Especially when you work so damn hard!

4. Dating rules are temporary



Yes, in your twenties you know the requisite dating rules and how it’s all a big fat lie at the beginning. You’re so in love that you wear the nicest pants and pretend your apartment is always tidy because you’re just that kind of organized person. It doesn’t last long, but we love each stage of the relationship equally. Especially the part where we get to wear our ripped pants…

5. There are some texts you’ll never send 



In your twenties, you get super comfortable with your group of friends. You have your circle and you love seeing them. But sometimes you just want to chill in your underwear and watch murder documentaries on Netflix. It doesn’t always feel appropriate to be honest via text. But we’d probably be touching our eyeballs and eating too much takeaway too.

These illustrations just get us…

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