5 Things Every Woman Needs To Learn In Her Life




There are certain things a woman needs to learn in her life. Whether she learns them now or later, there are certain things she must know in order to succeed and grow. She won’t necessarily be born with this knowledge, it may even simply be something she stumbles upon. But without it, she will never learn that the world is and can be hers. And whilst there may be many things you will discover through your life, take a look at these five things a woman should know:



You are, in your own right, capable and very, very worthy

Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do anything. Never live up to someone else’s expectations of you – the only expectations that matter is your own. It’s your own life, so you need to go over and beyond to achieve all that you want. If there’s one thing you need to learn it’s not to listen to other people – especially when they underestimate you, because in reality, what do they know? Realize your worth and never settle for less.



There’s nothing a man can do, that we can’t 

Growing up, I always fell into the trap of thinking I couldn’t do certain tasks that men are usually connected to, tasks like DIY for example! But if there’s anything I’ve learned is that there’s nothing a man can do that I can’t do – and if anything do it better! I don’t need a man for heavy lifting, I may struggle but I will never feel at a loss for not having a man around at the time.



There is no one in this whole, wide world that is exactly like you

I learned this one pretty quickly when I was younger. It was something that I held onto, it was something that separated me from the crowd. And in a world, where you’re in competition with so many amazing skilled people you need to remember that there’s no one quite like you. And that’s your selling point. You are unique, no one thinks like you, no one can do what you can do – remember that because you need to realize how special you really are!



You don’t choose to be a feminist, feminism chooses you 

I must admit, growing up I thought feminism was just women deciding not to shave their legs and hate on men for whatever reason. I thought there was nothing to campaign for and that history had done enough for us already. But, growing up has shown me that I couldn’t be more wrong. We are women and our fight still continues. I never chose to be a feminist or labeled myself as one, it came to me and showed me that I had to be.



Letting go is essential for moving forward

One of the hardest things in our lives in realizing that we cannot take certain people or things along for the ride. Sometimes, you have to choose yourself. And whilst it may not be a lesson we are excited to learn, it’s one we need to always remember. No matter what our heart tells us, there are somethings we have to say goodbye to. Otherwise, we will never be able to say hello to the future that is waiting for us.

What are the lessons you think a woman needs to learn in her life? These are my top five, what do you think?



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