5 Things To Expect When You’re Building A Business


Building a business is in no way easy. It takes patience, consistency, and perseverance, most likely complemented with happy and sad tears. Still, it’s a life-changing journey and every small achievement feels amazing.

So what exactly are you to expect on this journey?

Long & Unusual Hours.

Expect to work and dedicate long hours to your business. It could be from the late evening to the early morning of a Saturday, or even from midnight to five in the morning on a Friday.

Building a business requires your promise and action to commit, and that means working well over the typical 9am-5pm weekday hours.


There are companies and promoters you may want to partner with when establishing your business, and in the beginning, you will hear the word “No” more often than not. Your pitch, delivery and design can be perfect, but it’s important to understand that people will not see the same vision you do. Simply put, not everyone can be pleased. Don’t allow this to stop you.

Making mistakes.

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. This is a path where you learn what works and what does not. And for the most part, mistakes can actually be a good thing. You build experience and become more creative, all while thinking smarter and making your business stronger. So when you do trip you can dust off the misstep and keep going.


You may find yourself in inconvenient situations on this journey. But there are two options; (1)deal with the problem head on, or (2) transform the inconvenience into an opportunity for your business. Learn and develop the courage to deal with the difficulties you will face when building your empire.


My mom used to say, “For everyone that is for you, there will always be someone against you.” #truth. Expect to come into contact with the haters.

They will be in your comment feed, they will be in your PO Box, and you may even find a couple amongst your colleagues. It can be emotionally upsetting, but do not allow it to get you down.

Continue to work on your business, not because you want to prove to the naysayers you are capable of being successful, but because you can continue to work despite the negative comments.

What are some other things you think to expect when building a business? 


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  • Brittany from Boston

    Great advice. It’s sometimes just great to know that we’re not alone in our struggles, that these obstacles are the same for everyone starting a business! Don’t let it get you down!

  • Lilian Tahmasian

    So true! Ow but how it’s all worth it! :)


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