5 Things To Do In Your Free Time To Recharge Fast



Life can get pretty hectic on a day to day basis, whether you’re running around an office or cramming in the library. Therefore you need to take advantage of any free time you get to take a deep breath, relax and recharge!

Get Physical

In order to recharge you need to engage your mind and body. Yoga is an ideal activity to do in your free time, but why not give hot yoga a go! The same techniques of yoga but in a heated room which will definitely get you sweating but also releases any toxins and impurities through your skin. Yoga will enable you to relax, focus your mind and develop concentration getting you ready for your next task ahead.

Hide your technology

It is likely that most women have at least one technological device glued to their hand every minute of the day. Whether it’s your mobile, Kindle or Laptop, give yourself a break from the glaring screen. If you are on a break from work leave your phone locked away in your desk draw and enjoy a few moments of you time. It’s easy to spend your free time scrolling through every social media app possible but this doesn’t engage your brain or focus your mind. So why not try on your next break to leave the screens behind and open your eyes and mind to everything else around you.

Experience the outdoors

There is no better way to recharge than getting into the fresh air and a new environment especially if you spend most of your days tucked away indoors. If you are lucky enough to live by the sea, go for a refreshing dip to give yourself a cold blast of energy! If the sea isn’t close by find the nearest outdoor swimming pool, where you might also discover water activities such as aqua aerobics for a high energy and fun fitness class.

Coconut Water

One of the latest miracle foods is the coconut, drinking coconut water is suggested to help boost your energy levels due to it being rich in nutrients and vitamins which are highly beneficial to our body. Therefore instead of reaching for your usual can of energy drink, try coconut water to rehydrate and replenish your body.

Engage your mind

As important as it is to recharge your body you also need to recharge your mind, this can be as simple as picking up a crossword or Sudoku puzzle. Or for something a bit different why not try learning a new language which you can practice in your free time to exercise your brain and develop a new skill.

Stepping out of your normal routine and trying something new in your free time is a great way to recharge and experience new things you wouldn’t normally do.

Featured Photo: theblondesalad.com

Written by Kelsie Mcphail

  1. I’ve never tried coconut water, but it sounds delicious!

    I like to take a short walk when I need to recharge. It has the same effect as a nap, but I feel better with myself after taking a walk than after taking a nap :D

  2. I’m so amazing at hiding my technology. I usually put it away at 3 and don’t look at it until I head to bed which is at 10. It’s quite difficult as my body starts spazzing out for my phone, but I tell it to relax and it’s not healthy to be checking it every minute

  3. Great tips! I’ve never tried coconut water before but I’ve been hearing so many good things about it, and all the other coconut things everyone has been raving about recently, that I think I’ll have to change that soon. :D

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