Career Girl Confessions: 5 Things That Happen When We Do Our Own Eyebrows

Perfect Eyebrows! Jewellery via Vera Vega Jewellery

The day having good brows became a thing was the day I looked into my small magnifying mirror and wanted to cry because no beauty therapist, makeup artist or miracle worker can bless me with good brows. However, a good brow pencil, a sub standard powder and a therapist whom I would trust with my life can at least make them look half decent. Remember girls, they’re sisters not twins, sisters not twins!

1. You try to resist the urge to pluck

Those stray unruly hairs may be crying out for you to tweeze them but just don’t do it! One stray hair usually leads to several others and before you know it you’ve left a small bald patch and there’s an eyebrow shaped hole on your forehead, never a good look. Try using a concealer to hide those unwanted hairs in between brow appointments, just be sure to save hair removal for the experts, trust me it is not worth the heartache.

2. You get brow envy

What did Cara Delevingne ever do that I didn’t? Why must she be blessed with such gorgeous brows when I just about have enough hair to resemble two straight lines on my face? Some are born with it, others have to work damn hard, there unfortunately is no in between.

3. You realise this is an actual artform

Whatever happened to the days of rolling out of bed and not even looking at your brows, they just sat there and that was that, no one judged you and no one cared. Now you almost need a degree to be able to create the “perfect” brow, it takes time, patience, a good brush, an expensive powder, an even more expensive setting gel and maybe even a brow wand. I mean really, I didn’t sign up for this.

4. You begin to hate them

Eventually you just want to shave them all off, it would make things so much easier, the thought goes through your head but you know it is perhaps not the best thing to do. Brows are wonderful when they are done well but if you are about as clueless as me they very rarely look anything other than try hard, think the dame in panto…

5. All of the Selfies

On the rare occasion when they do actually look good well you naturally feel the need to tell the whole world. You go girl, this is something to be proud of!


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