5 Things That Happen When You’re The Successful One Of Your Friends

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We all have different ideas about what success is. Some might think success is getting up early in the morning and hitting the 9-to-5 at an office, others might think it’s travelling the world and painting portraits of the people you meet, but there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, success changes things.

In school, your squad was on the same level, grades made little difference to your group dynamics, but as you get older things change.

#1 Your besties are indifferent to it

They probably don’t even know your job description, because they still see you as the girl who fell over in front of everyone in school or snorted lemonade in front of her crush. They know your

They know your weird quirks and the bitchy things you say, so they can’t take you seriously.

Of course they’re proud of you, and when you share those little successes they are the first ones to be your cheerleaders, but the great things about besties is they won’t let it get to your head.

#2 You find out who your true friends are

Sadly, when good things come your way you begin to find out who matters. Friends who don’t support you or seem to be physically affronted by news of your success aren’t good friends.

Envy is something we can all suffer from, even when we shouldn’t, so if you know of a friend who has been acting off since you started doing well, just try to be kind to them and give them a chance.

Sometimes being a good friend means letting people work through their own feelings, and your success could be a reminder of something they never got to do.

#3 Every party seems like a networking opportunity

When you make your dreams a reality, your well-meaning friends will start introducing you to their friends and then you’ll get a series of questions and connections asked of you that you can’t even begin to answer after a couple of glasses of wine.

It’s sweet, and funny, but you suddenly find yourself with a lot more friends than you used to have.

#4 Nothing changes in your squad

Your true squad have their own dreams and goals, if they’re real friends they might bitterly joke about how jealous they are but they know if they wanted what you have you’d bend over backwards to help them get it.

Hold on to these friends, because your jobs and your dreams will change over time but your squad will hold you strong!

#5 You end up buying lunch for your BFFL

It’s an unspoken rule. If you’ve made it you should treat your besties to lunch once in a while. They want to talk about their own dreams and goals, and sometimes they want your advice, but mostly they want to sit with you and gossip about the old times.

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