5 Things Healthy Girls Eat For Breakfast


Healthy girls are masters of their meal options. They know what their bodies need, and they prepare their breakfast ahead of time. Looking to make your breakfast time so much healthier? Try these breakfasts, they’ll change your mind about the healthiest meal of the day!

1. Overnight oats



Healthy girls are also busy girls, they prepare their meals ahead of time. These blueberry overnight oats give you everything you need and can be prepared on the weekend and eaten on the go. All you need is rolled oats, blueberries, greek yogurt, and almond milk. They’re delicious and super easy! Find the recipe here.

2. Avocado toast



The staple of every healthy girl’s diet. Good old avocado! We’ve featured this recipe before, it’s perfect if you like savory breakfasts. Chop up some avocado, spread it on toast and dash some pesto on top. Delicious! Find the recipe here.

3. Smoothie bowls


Smoothie bowls don’t take long at all. You can prepare this one ahead of time, using acai, chia, and strawberry. This layered breakfast jar is seriously perfect for the office, it’s healthy, contains all the fruit and slow releasing energy you need for the day, and looks pretty too! Find the recipe here.

4. Yogurt and granola


Granola and yogurt is a healthy girl staple and it’s super easy. Don’t buy granola that’s full of sugar, make it with rolled oats and almonds and add coconut oil and greek yogurt. Garnish with fresh fruit and enjoy with a big ol’ spoon! Find the recipe here.

5. Green smoothie



The best healthy girl breakfast combines all the vegetables and fruits you need in one easy-to-drink smoothie. Don’t worry about the taste, this one contains mango and apples, so you can make a huge batch and know that it tastes seriously good! Find the recipe here.


Are you excited for breakfast tomorrow? 

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