5 Things I Try To Remember When I Feel Like Giving Up

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7 months after Celina and I started Career Girl Daily I could only say I have never learned so much in my life. It is amazing and so encouraging to see how many of you girls e-mail us to let us know how much you appreciate the website and tell a bit about your inspiring stories and struggles you experience, we really hope that you girls keep doing that.

We decided to share a little bit more about ourselves as well and hopefully become a real Career Girl Community where we keep on encouraging and motivating each other to be the best that we can possibly be.

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When I was 16 I couldn’t wait to be 23/24, I knew for sure I was going to have my own place, an awesome job, an amazing social life with lots of traveling and fun times, but my life at the moment could not be any further from that.

While most of my friends are buying their first house, going on world trips, getting married or having their first kid, I am writing this article from my 10m4 room somewhere in South London, wondering when I will finally find a new and bigger place, hopefully somewhere in North-East London, and enjoy free time with my friends again. It seems like all my friends really have got it together, while I am not even close to having a stable life.

I do have a really fun full-time job and when I get home, I eat a sandwich or something else that is really quick, go straight to work on Career Girl to 1/2 in the morning in order to get back up at 7 again to go back to my full-time job.

Although I have almost no free time and barely see my friends, I know what my goals with Career Girl are and why I started it, and that is the thing that keeps me going. It is really hard from time to time and sometimes I really do feel like giving up and ask myself why I don’t just move back to the Netherlands, where living costs are so much cheaper, get a job there and spend more time with friends and family.

Whenever I start to question this, these are the main 5 things I try to do and remember.

#1 – Why did I start?

Personally, as soon as I remember why I started Career Girl and where I want to go with it, it gets me even more motivated. Career Girl Daily really became my baby and it is so much fun to see it grow every day. It is part of a bigger plan that I cannot give up on. As long as you understand why you are doing what you are doing, no one else needs to understand it.

#2 – Talk about it with family and friends

Not all my friends understand why I started Career Girl or why I would give up my social life to work 2 jobs, but luckily a lot of friends and all of my family do. Having a support system of people close to you is so important and prevents you from feeling alone or isolated. Sometimes you just need to have a little bit of encouragement from someone ‘outside’ your busy life to keep you going.

#3 – Look at how far I have already come

I finished my masters a year ago, couldn’t find a job but found a fun internship instead within a start-up PR company where I learned a lot. I found a job a couple of months later that paid minimum wage and had almost nothing to do with my studies but it paid my rent. I felt like giving up a lot at that time, didn’t understand that after studying and a quite a lot of extra curriculum no one wanted to hire me and knew that moving back to the Netherlands would make my life so much easier and fun.

If I look back now, it seems like years ago. I have a job that fits my study in a fun company, I started Career Girl Daily, which really became my main focus and passion, and slowly but surely getting control over my chaotic life. Giving up is not an option anymore, I want and need to see how far we can go and want to learn so much more than I already did from starting Career Girl.

#4 – Acknowledge that nothing great comes easy

If we look at successful people, we always tend to forget they had years of struggle and hard work as well before they got where they are now. I always try to remember this and that giving up will never allow you to see how far you would have come if you did not give up. Success never comes easy and you never know how close you are, the only thing you can do is work hard, keep going and have faith in yourself that you will reach your goals.

#5 – Plan something fun

I think having fun in your twenties is as important as making something of your life. Try to plan something fun every week that you can use during your working week to look forward to. This is really something that keeps me going, a dinner with friends, go-karting with the bf or having my family come over to the UK might be small things, but are part of the things that stop me from giving up on my dreams.

What keeps you girls going when you feel like giving up? And what do you think is important to remember or do in order to keep you going?

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  • http://infinitelyobscure.com Aino Hyyryläinen

    What a relatable post, thank you so much for sharing!

    The same things you mention definitely keep me going as well. I’m going to finish my master’s in six months’ time and am already so stressed out about what the future is going to bring – will I be able to do any of the things I want?

    When I feel like giving up, I always try to make some sort of plan. I’ve found that the best way to combat hopelessness or stress is to write down what I’m worried about and then make a plan about what I can do now to change the situation.

    I used to worry about the job market and that I wouldn’t be able to find a job I love, until I realised that while I can’t change the general employment situation, I can certainly create opportunities for myself. If I have to work two jobs in the future, then I can make sure that at least one of them is one that’s very meaningful to me, even if I get very little income from it. That’s why starting my new blog has been so exciting for me: maybe in the future it can be the job that gets me up in the morning.

  • Daniela

    Thank you for sharing this, Lois. Your life sounds so extremely busy! Taking time off is really important as well otherwise a burnout will happen.

    I worked full time when I started my own company and no one understood how hard this can be. Now, 5 years later I quit my job and only have my company to deal with and it feels great. Hang in there girls! It might be hard from time to time, but worth it in the end.


    • Lois

      Thank you, Daniela, it means a lot to see someone understanding how hard it can be from own experience and that it only will get better. Giving up is definitely not an option for me anymore. And you are right, I will remember to take breaks as well and not overwork myself too much :)


  • http://www.decdens.com/Susansutherlin Susan S

    Wow! This could not have come at a better time in my late blooming career, which I love. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your candid insight into a real career girls life.

    Susan In San Diego

    • Lois

      Ah, you are welcome!

  • http://permanentdaydream.com Michelle

    Love this. I find this site so inspiring as I too am a 20-something career girl. Ok I am nearing the end of my 20s but still. I feel like other people really have it together too but I bet they don’t, and probably think the same thing about you! I am happy I have finally found a job I want to build a career in and grow, not just another way to pay the bills. This site keeps me motivated and on track to do that. So keep doing what you do for this site, because I love it! :)

  • Christina

    Thank you so much for sharing your personal story! I hope you keep going and keep remember how much we love and need this blog❤️

    • Lois

      Ahw thank you, that is so sweet Christina! We will keep going! :)

  • Rachel

    Haay Lois,

    i just wanted to say that your article is very inspiring. I’m now at a point in my life where it’s easy to give up on my goals etc. but reading this really made me stop and think.

    And from know on those 5 things and my son are going to make sure that i always remember where i started and where i’m heading to.

    Thank you, Rachel

  • https://www.jinjinli98.wordpress.com/ Jinjin Li

    thanks so much for sharing this! i know how you must feel, having your job take up most of your life. i can really relate to it. i planned this summer to be fun, making youtube videos, blogging more and hanging out with friends. however, since i chose to do summer school for two subjects and music theory outside of that, i didn’t realize how busy my life would become with school. i’ve watched the past month whiz by with so much school work. it’s been much more intense than i had imagined and i have rarely had time to spend with my friends. but i don’t regret it since it’s for better marks to send to university.

  • http://xoxobella.com Bella B

    Great writing! I will have to file this away for when I need a reminder.

    xoxoBella | http://xoxobella.com

  • http://LizzieDripping Elizabeth Rebecca

    I think that working full time can cause a of of problems.

    But it’s taking time for yourself, sitting outside at lunchtime, having thirty minutes with a book before bed and just enjoying life.

    Lizzie Dripping

  • Alexia

    Hi Louis, thank you for sharing this! I ve been following your blog for a short time and I find it very useful, but this has been by far the most inspiring post I’ ve read here until now . Your story is so useful for all of us who are following the dream of working in something we love and at the same time, dealing with the fact of being financial independent and pay the rent.
    Thanks again! :)

    Alexia from Peru

  • http://polkadotsandsparkles.wordpress.com/ bekswhoknits

    These are amazing tips. I need to write them down and put them on my desk at work.

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