How Tamara Mellon The Co Founder Of Jimmy Choo Built A Billion Dollar Company


In my shoes by Tamara Mellon, the co-founder of Jimmy Choo is a must read book. It’s an honest story from one of the most successful women in the fashion industry. 

She’s real, inspiring and takes you through her journey of setting up a billion dollar company. Which is really inspiring and a real eye opener.

So what did I learn:

Tamara Mellon’s résumé is not exactly cookie-cutter: before co-founding and growing the iconic Jimmy Choo company, she was a high-school dropout and a rehab graduate. She takes you through her journey of setting up a successful company. From a drug addiction to how to choose your business partners, funding her business, believing in yourself and the relationship with her mother.

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Building a business isn’t easy and I think every Career Girl should read this book. From raising the capital to start up the company, to personal struggles and eventually working with business partners and standing up for yourself. This book is definitely a must read and taught me that behind every business is a story.

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