5 Things To Keep In Mind When Writing A Flawless Business Plan


Getting started with a business plan is definitely not easy. Here I have collected a couple of tips for you which might help you get to the point where your personal business plan is truly flawless!

#1 Be realistic.

Don’t underestimate yourself, but also don’t aim too high. Your business plan is what you will later build on, so try to keep it as realistic as possible. Trust us it’s worth it. 

#2 Be precise.

There are a lot of sentences and words in the English language which eventually mean pretty much nothing. Your business plan doesn’t need to sound beautiful, it needs to be precise.

increase your productivity lamy pen

 #3 Be creative.

In order to be able to understand your business plan better and keep it in mind, make it visual – and make it big! I’m personally a big fan of posters, but if you don’t have enough space, an Edge Gilded Edge Notebook will give you space to get creative as well. It’s a good idea to print your business plan out and stick it somewhere you will see every day.


#4 Be smart.

Before you start writing your business plan, know your business, your goals, your competition and how to set yourself apart from the crowd.

#5 Make it short, but make it detailed as well.

Know which details need to be included and know which details are just too much. Focus on your goals, where you want to be and what your projections are. Focus on growth, how much you expect to make and what you’ll need to invest as well as how you will grow (by word of mouth or social media?) and how long it will take to get your loyal customer base, also don’t forget to create a profile for your ideal client, so you know who you’re selling to!

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