5 Things You Should Know Before Starting Pokémon Go


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You’ve obviously heard about Pokémon. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, or living in a tech-free world. Most of us played or watched Pokémon as children. One of my best birthday parties was going to see the Pokémon movie and getting a Mewtwo card.


But now we’re back in the 90’s and everybody is playing Pokémon again. It’s a joyous occasion, that can unite even the unlikeliest of friends. Yesterday I saw a power dressing business woman weaving through Holborn with Pokémon Go on her phone, and it warmed my heart.

So what is Pokemon Go?

Pokémon Go is a virtual reality game that brings Pokémon into the real world. As you walk around Pokémon appear and you can catch them. Real world landmarks become PokéStops that you can ‘check in’ to and collect items, and Gyms that you can battle and take over with your team.

When I first heard about it I was like ‘Oh, great.’ (INSERT EYE ROLLING EMOJI) but sitting around my dinner table listen to my cousin sell it to me I decided to download it and play and I. Am. Addicted.

Why is it so successful?

Shares in Nintendo have risen by 7 billion dollars. The app is rivaling Twitter, and has already overtaken LinkedIn and Tinder. Everyone has it. EVERYONE.

And if you don’t have it you should! It makes commuting and life in general so much more fun. Why? Because you actually want to start walking. When you have an egg that will hatch after walking 10k, you know you want to walk 10k. And as we all know, walking can be the fastest way to lose weight.


I downloaded the app before it was available in the UK, here are 10 things I learned that you need to know before you start playing:

1. If you ignore the professor and walk away without catching a starter five times Pikachu appears. Everybody wants Pikachu.

2. Place your phone on top of a record player and let it spin around if you want to hatch those rare 10km eggs without walking. I shake my head at anyone who does this. But it is quite genius.

3. If you’re following a Pokémon’s footsteps, each one is about 100m away. So if their footsteps don’t reduce, turn around and walk the other way.

4. Hold down the Pokeball to catch a Pokemon. You need to ‘flick’ the ball at the Pokémon, but holding it down makes the target circle grow and decrease. When it’s at it’s smallest it’s easier to catch. Pokémon with orange and red circles are harder to catch.

5. When you pass level 11 you’ll start to collect Great Balls and Ultra Balls at PokéStops which will help you catch rarer Pokémon.

I think it’s quite interesting to know that more and more Career Girls are finding a place for themselves in the gaming industry. Whether by working there or finding stress-release in their favorite games.

So are you playing Pokemon Go? Or is there another game you swear by for escaping from your busy lives? Let us know…

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  • MissLilly

    My bf is playing pokemon go and yesterday he had one on the bed, so no effort whatsoever. I’ve been following the news and it’s been really good fun. From my end I play a puzzle type game called two dots on the train or I read a book. Maybe I’ll give up and install pokemon go as well

  • Dorothy

    Wish I had known #1 sooner!

    This game is so much fun – I can’t see it becoming overly addicting, but it does motivate people to increase their daily steps, and leave the house in the name of gaming. Quite unusual, in a very positive way!


  • Lauren

    I’m loving Pokemon Go! It’s been a great activity for my fiance and me to do in the evenings!

  • Naomi-Chaya Tsion

    Everyone seems to be obsessed! About time I try this out too :)


  • mckenzie allyshia

    I am so tempted to download it and play! I was obsessed with Pokemon growing up :)

  • Gitana Deneff

    I absolutely love pokemon go. Everyone around me is judging me hard core but I don’t even care.

    Gitana | Books & Bellinis Blog

  • Jenn Thach

    Thanks so much for tip #2! It’s genius !!


  • Noise in Wonderland

    I love Pokemon Go, but I hadn’t heard the theory about using the record player to use for hatching eggs, i’ll be trying that one ;)


  • lagom chaos

    Awww, I hope no one tries #2 – that’s cheating! The fun of Pokemon Go is going out and exploring the world!


    • Kaitlynn Baker

      You can get the same effect without cheating as much by walking in circles or pacing back and forth. It’s a decent tip if you can’t really walk too far.

  • Marie

    #2 won’t work unfortunately… the distance system is based on GPS informations and not sole kind of podometer. Sorry girls :(
    But it’s great everyday workout !

    • Kaitlynn Baker

      People have been making it work. I’ve done something similar by just walking around in circles when I can’t really go for a walk.

  • Claudia

    I find it the latest way to keep us sticked to phone without realising what’s really happening around us and enjoy the world. I talk as a social addicted and pokemon lover when I was a child. But I think there’s nothing worse than seeing people going arund checking their phone to find a pokemon, instead of watching the beauty of what is surrounding them.

  • Phoenix Rain

    I LOVE Pokemon Go! We are Team Instinct and it makes doing my cardio (I hate cardio… I’m a bikini athlete) so much more fun! Every day my son has asked to go out on a walk or to different places to catch Pokemon. Well played Nintendo!

  • Hillary Flinn

    Pokémon Go has arrived in Canada, yay! I just downloaded it today, and my boyfriend and I explored our neighbourhood this evening to hunt for Pokémon. Such fun! (Unfortunately, the “footsteps” indicator seems to be bugging out right now, and is always stuck on three steps. Hopefully they fix it soon!)

    Hillary | http://www.flinntrospection.com

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