5 Things To Remember When You’re Afraid Of Being Judged

The fear of being judged is one of the biggest fears us girls suffer from. But we shouldn’t let this fear control our lives. While criticism that comes from a bad place can feel like the end of the world, it isn’t, and often those closest to us are guilty of judging us the hardest.  Here are five things to remember every time you find yourself in fear of being judged.

It’s not you…

Whenever people judge you, it’s nothing to do with you, but is everything to do with them and their opinion of what you should be doing or what you should look like. If you succumb to people’s judgements, you are telling them and yourself that their opinion is worth more than yours, which is simply not true.

Stop seeking approval…

There are 7 billion people in the world. That amounts to 7 billion different opinions and perceptions. Spending our lives trying to please other people to avoid being judged is tiring – we are never ever going to please everyone and not everyone will approve of what we do, so why waste energy trying?

Be you, with confidence…

If you enjoy what you do, and are happy with who you are, people will have no grounds to judge. If they do judge, it’ll be hard to notice because you are having too much of a good time to care! So embrace what makes you different. If people don’t agree with it, that’s okay! Be happy, and confident, just as you are!

Stop judging yourself…

Us girls are our own biggest critics. We see ourselves as uglier, fatter and less successful compared to others. This negative image of ourselves perpetuates our feelings of being judged. Being true to ourselves, accepting that we are unique and following our own paths are positive steps towards overcoming the fear of being judged.

Everyone cares about themselves…

The biggest thing to remember when you fear being judged is that everyone is more worried about how they are coming across. So while you go about your day worrying that people are judging you, they are actually more interested in the opinions that others are forming of them. Rather than make each other paranoid, us girls should make each other feel comfortable and accepted for being different. Next time you feel like you’re being judged, try striking up a conversation with the person. No doubt they will think you’re incredibly interesting once they find out more about you!

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By Samantha Maden

Featured photo: Linh Niller

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