5 Things You Should Do To Make Your Small Business A Success

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Running a small business is hard, especially if you are having trouble growing your customer base. If you work from home and run it from your bedroom, it can be even harder to juggle everything from branding to customer engagement – so here are a few quick tips to help you grow and become successful.

1 Build your list.

Email marketing is really invaluable, so you need to start building a list of all your customers. You’ll notice that shops and retail spaces have books outside or when you checkout they ask you for your email – but you need to give your customers a reason to sign up. Offer freebies, exclusive content or tips and tricks and your list will grow and grow and grow!

2 Get those reviews.

You’ll be surprised how many new customers you could gain just on reviews alone, so make sure you ask for reviews or even incentivize your customers and followers to give a review in exchange for something else. If you use email marketing, you can even pop in a freebie for every review you receive.

3 Give back .

Use your business to support local causes, volunteer or raise awareness. People will respect you more if you support fair and good causes, plus putting some ‘personality’ into your brand with values is always helpful in connecting with customers!

4 Don’t be afraid of change.

Change is good! If you’ve been doing the same thing over and over again and aren’t getting the results you want, you need to research and probably change some things up. Small changes make a big difference!

5 Go back to school.

Always think of the lessons you’re learning through what you’re doing, the moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing, so learn from your business, from your customers and from other businesses around you. Don’t forget that keeping with the times and investing in a few courses is invaluable for your business too!

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  1. Perfect tips! Never stop learning and evolving is definitely a super important one, along with not being afraid of change! :)


  2. These are fantastic tips, especially tip number 1 and tip number 3 – giving back in one way or another is so crucial in gaining followers! That’s what always works for me.

    Thanks for sharing these tips;)


  3. I agree with no. 5 the most. Educating one’s self is always a huge investment! :)


  4. This is such a quick & super helpful little article! Really needed to be reminded about building my email list. Thanks for that :)

  5. Great tips. Especially number 4 and 5. I am constantly changing. In terms it forces me to learn from previous mistakes. Hanks for the reminders and know that someone else thinks the same as I do…change is okay and sometimes great. No matter what.

  6. Great read. Yes change is necessary and managing your time for the needed changes is also very important. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Thank you. I look forward to going back to school in the near future.

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