5 Things Successful People Do To Improve Their Lives


There are some things successful people do to improve their lives. Being successful means being on top of everything. Not only do you have to work damn hard to make your career and your passions come alive, but you also need to remember your downtime and the people who love and care about you. There’s a reason work/life balance is such a hot topic. Because to some, it feels impossible. But it’s not at all. The most successful women in the world are constantly working on themselves, every day is an improvement from yesterday and they rely on so many things to improve their lives and keep them on track.

With that in mind, sometimes it’s important to learn lessons from successful women and figure out how you’re going to get sh*t done by working on yourself always.

1. Celebrate your wins

Maria Hatzistefanis is pretty well known as Mrs. Rodial now, but she hadn’t always achieved international success. ‘Make sure you celebrate the successes that come your way, even if they’re small. When you’re an entrepreneur you need to celebrate the little moments, whether it’s an unexpected order, the highest sale you’ve ever done or that you just hired someone amazing. You need to celebrate the small successes because you don’t know when the bigger ones will come.’ This is one of those things successful people do that makes sense. It helped Maria improve her life because it kept her striving for the next win and kept her working hard. So, next time you feel like you need a boost, review your little wins and get back to it.

2. Make a solid plan

Serena Guen created Suitcase Magazine in her third year at University. She had initially thought that becoming an Editor In Chief would require her to get more experience and that she wouldn’t make it until her late thirties or forties. Instead, she got out there and created her own successful travel magazine. Serena says you need to know yourself. You need to open up your planner and write down your limits and how far you’re willing to go. Write down your strengths and weaknesses, and eliminate any naivety that comes with not knowing yourself inside and out. Nothing will stand in the way of your dreams if you’ve asked yourself the tough questions already.

3. Always take on new challenges

Sheryl Sandberg is Universally known as the COO of Facebook and the founder of Lean In. Sheryl got so far in life by pushing herself constantly, she works hard, commits to things wholly and can recognize a challenge when it presents itself to her. With this in mind, have you been challenged lately? Have you embraced all the challenges that have come your way? The next time you are asked to do something or given an opportunity, take it, and see where it leads you. One of the more fun things successful people do is challenge themselves constantly.

4. Create a group of inspiring women around you

Andee Olson is the Director of partnerships for Bumble and co-founder of Over The Moon. She is always busy and looking for ways to innovate the work that she does, to keep her life running smoothly, she makes sure to have mentors and inspiring women around her that she constantly asks for advice Create a pool of women you can rely on for advice, whether they’re friends, previous colleagues or employers or just people in your family that you admire. It’s important to get a fresh perspective on what you’re doing in order to stay inspired and motivated.

5. Force yourself to relax 

Rebecca Minkoff is a powerhouse designer and a mother. To balance her life, Rebecca makes sure she has her non-negotiable daily rituals in place. Make sure you have the non-negotiable rituals that you won’t swap for work written down. Whether it’s weekly personal training sessions like Rebecca, or the smaller things like a home-cooked meal, time with your family, or enough time on the weekend for a hobby. It’ll add up to make you more successful in your career and help you create a better balance.


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