5 Things In Tech You Need To Know About Right Now


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Technology is the future. We already know coding is an essential skill, and if you want to keep up and get the better careers in the coming years, you’re going to need to embrace technology. What was once part of ‘nerd culture’ is now extremely mainstream, and keeping up with the latest in technology is a great way to keep yourself in-the-know. After all, this stuff affects your future!

WhatsApp wants you to stop muting group chats:

In frustrating news, WhatsApp now allows people to tag other users in conversations. Tagging people cancels out muted chats and is apparently to allow people to keep up with big group chats, only being alerted when the conversation is relevant to them. But let’s be honest, we all have that friend who is going to tag us 100 times just to annoy us.

Computer sciences are being made more accessible to children:

Thanks, Obama! Computer sciences are being made more accessible to children in the U.S. 2000+ schools are launching AP Computer Science this fall. This is so important as more than half of all STEM jobs will involve computer science by 2018.


Samsung Galaxy 7 has been recalled:

The exploding Samsung Galaxy 7’s isn’t great news for Samsung. The US Product Safety Commission has issued a formal recall, and the company is now selling its shares in other companies to try and raise the liquid capital to pay for the recall costs. It will cost Samsung more than $1 billion to recall the phone, and the company has already lost billions in market value.

Google to unveil the Pixel phone:

Google unveiled a teaser trailer that piqued everyone’s curiosity. A search bar transforms into a phone shape with the date 4th October next to it, leading many to speculate they’re unveiling a phone. It’s widely thought that the Nexus is being dropped in favor of two new models: the Pixel and the Pixel XL. But that’s not all, rumors suggest Google will also be unveiling AI and other devices making Pixel the hottest new brand.

Inside the University of Youtube:

Children and teens are now entering an intensive two-week camp run by 2btube that aims to teach them how to become YouTubers. Prices start at 650 euros per person, and it’s in Milan. The curriculum includes lessons in “building your channel’s brand”, how to “grow your audience” and “monetizing videos”.

NY emergency brings attention to technology nobody knew they had:

New Yorkers were woken up by screeching phones yesterday morning notifying them of the identity of the suspected New York and New Jersey bomber. The alert read “WANTED: Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28-year-old male. See media for pic. Call 9-1-1 if seen.” While seriously helpful in situations like this, the tech does need a slight update as it was established in 2012 and only allows 90 characters, but it’s reassuring to know in a state of emergency information can be passed around quickly.


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  • Natalie Harney

    Love this – such a varied list, and a few I hadn’t heard of before

    – Natalie

  • KacheeTee

    Hahahaaha. University of Youtube. Sounds nice.


  • Elishia

    That NYC alert woke me up (definitely a treat lie in… promise) and it was utterly terrifying. In the land between sleep and awake I panicked and thought we had to evacuate the building trying to drag my husband out of bed. I think it is great technology and super useful, but there is a teeny niggle in the back of my mind that is concerned that i was able to receive that message, it almost feels invasive, could the technology be used negatively? It’s such an interesting topic and even with the niggle I want it to be used, but still… it gets you thinking!


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