YEAH! You Got The Job! 5 Things To Consider Before You Actually Take It

There’s no better feeling than the way it feels to be accepted, especially when it’s being accepted for your dream job. You put heaps of effort into making yourself as desirable as possible to the company, and when your efforts pay off the natural reaction is to jump at the opportunity offered.


You worked hard to get to this point; it must be perfect for you… right? You might think so, but accepting a job is a big commitment, and isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. Where you work will be where you spend 8 hours of your day, will determine the direction that you career takes and could potentially play a large part in your happiness, making it something that requires careful consideration.

While the relief of receiving the offer will make you want to instantly accept, here are 5 things you should consider before you do so:

#1 – The environment – does it match your personality?

Different work environments suit different personalities. Are you laid back and all about the comfort? Then you would probably work best in an agency type environment, with casual clothes and relaxed relationships with your colleagues. Do you work best with a fixed routine and strict codes? Then a corporation with a set 9-5 is probably more your thing. Does the idea of having your week mapped out freak you out? Then you could benefit from working in an environment without too much authority.

Knowing your personality, and whether the job will compliment it, is essential to ensure that you don’t just survive in the workplace. For the job to be something that you love, it should reflect both what you enjoy, and the environment where you would work best.

#2 – Your colleagues – are you compatible?

At this stage assessing your future colleagues is difficult, you may have only met them once, twice or not at all, meaning first impressions are all that you have to go on. If you’ve been offered the job, chances are that they like you, but did you like them? Did they make you feel confident? Welcome? Appreciated? Even if all you have to go on is your interview there is a lot you can pick up from your interviewer. What did they ask? Where they just interested in your qualifications or did they take an interest in you?

Who would be your boss? Who would be working within your team? Or even in proximity of you? You won’t necessarily love everyone that you work with, but getting on with your colleagues will play a large part in you enjoying your job, and should definitely be influential in your decision to accept.

#3 – The possibilities – where can the job take you?

You’ve heard of a dead-end job, but how do you recognise the signs of accepting one? It’s difficult to predict the direction that a job will take you, but there are signs to look out for as in indication. What are your responsibilities? Will they give you skills that are transferable or impressive to potential future employers? Do you have the chance to work towards a promotion? Are you set goals to achieve? When work is easy it can become boring, so finding the perfect balance between comfort and challenge can keep you on your toes and ensure you are doing work that will take you places in your career.

#4 – The Conditions – do you need to negotiate?

Just because a job is what you have always dreamed of, it doesn’t mean that every aspect of it is perfect for you. There may be elements of the contract that don’t appeal to you, but are not worthy of you turning down the job. This is where negotiation becomes key. You’ve made a good impression and for whatever reason the company want you, and to live up to expectations the terms need to work for you. Are the hours too long? Is the travel too far? Do you have too much/not enough responsibility? It may seem like you can’t be picky, but if the quality of your work is going to suffer, it is better to make your doubts clear than let your work suffer as a result.

#5 – Does it feel right?

You can weigh up all these factors, compare the pros against the cons and have a perfect job on paper, but it all comes down to what is your gut instinct? When you went to the office did you like the atmosphere? When you met your colleagues did you feel as though you would fit right in? Does the job make you excited about your future? You can’t predict exactly what a job will be like before you’ve experienced it, and there comes a time when you have to sit back and let your instinct take over. If a job doesn’t feel right for whatever reason, then the chances are it won’t be. If, however, it does feel right, then even if it turns out to be a disaster you are more likely to regret your decision if you don’t follow your gut and take it.

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Emma Orlando


An Advertising student at Bournemouth University, who is currently undergoing a placement year at a PR agency in London.

  • Alanna

    Hey Emma / Career Girl team, Brilliant article!
    I have been accepted for the job of a lifetime and I start next month. It is an important step for my career which is only just starting and I’m getting quite anxious about it all and was wondering if you could give me some advice / do a blog about any tips you may have about the first week / month within a new job. I would be so grateful.
    Thank you,

  • Gemma Carey

    Lovely post. Last year I was in a great job but I didn’t gel with the people around me. This made me unhappy, and eventually I left. It’s always important to consider your self happiness when in a job!

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