5 Things To Consider When You’re Thinking About Quitting

Quitting your job is a huge decision, and not one to be taken lightly. There are a number of questions you must ask yourself, before taking the plunge. Here at CGD we’ve put together this guide to help you weigh up the options.Six Secrets To Having A Good Hair Day Every Day

#1 Have I just had a bad day?

We’ve all had a bad day, or a bad week at work. You just have to get over it and keep on going. However if your bad day turns into a bad month, and into a bad year, then perhaps it really is time to think about quitting. Especially if it starts to have an impact on your mental health or home-life.

#2 Is this the right career for me?

Not everyone is able to land their dream job straight away. Many people are unsure of what they want, or change their minds later on. That’s OK. If you find yourself stuck somewhere you really don’t want to be then there’s no point in wasting years of your life doing it. Start applying elsewhere, or try to gain some experience in your chosen field working evenings or weekends.

#3 Have I exhausted all other options?

If you are in the career you want, but are just unable to cope with the workload, or if you are having problems with a colleague, then speak to your manager. They can address the issue and help you resolve any issues. Remember asking for help isn’t a weakness. They may be able to assign you to another job, or simply move desks away from a problem co-worker. If the problem persists ask for a transfer to another department, or apply for another job internally within the company. If stress is a problem, then take a holiday. Everyone needs to relax sometimes! You’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready to face any issues head on.

#4 What will I do for Money?

Unless you have a partner that can support you, or a hoard of savings stashed away then you’re going to need money to live off after quitting your job. It makes sense to have another job lined up before you quit, so there will be little time spent when you’re not actually earning. Even a part time or temporary job will still pay the bills, until you find something else.
Or if you’re planning on going freelance or setting up your own business, remember that it takes time to land business and build up a client base. This is definitely something you should be doing in the months prior to leaving your job.

#5 What next?

Once you have asked yourself these questions and still think it’s time to leave your job, then all you have to do is summon the courage to go ahead and do it! By all means discuss your decision with friends, or get advice from your parents. But don’t be bullied into making the wrong choice. It’s your career, so only you can make the final decision.

Written by Ailie Wallace.

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  • Maja

    This topic is a daily struggle for me. I am just finishing my Masters Degree and I have been working on many different fields over the years (I did marketing, computer work, journalism, design, a bit of web design, I even made burgers :), took care of plants, you name it!). Now I have no job – what is there to do next? I love design, painting, decorating and writing – there is just no perfect real day job description for me out there. So I blog :)
    x M.

    • Beth

      Hi Maja,
      That’s how I felt too. Luckily I landed my dream job right here! :) Sometimes you have to create your own dream job, or even just keep your eyes open for opportunities and take a leap. xx

  • Gemma Carey

    I was going through this situation a year ago. I became so unhappy that I actually just quit my job without a backup. I then went freelance and have been living my dream every since. I never looked back!


    • Beth

      That’s amazing Gemma! It really shows that doing what you love is the best thing in life, life is far too short to waste it in a career you hate! xx

  • Ailie Wallace

    I went through this situation last year, which is why I decided to put this article together. I was so miserable in my job that instead of doing something about it I let all the pressure and stress build up, until I ended up ill and had to take time off.

    It was that moment when I decided to turn things around and kickstart my freelance career. I quit in September last year and I’ve never been happier. At at the time though I’d never felt more alone. Nobody seemed to understand why I could possibly be unhappy in a high-flying job with one of the UK’s best known footwear retailers. It took me a while to realise, but only you know what’s right for you.

    Thanks for commenting guys, it’s good to know I’m not the only one to go through this. Hopefully by sharing I’ll help prevent someone else in the same situation :) xx

    • Beth

      It’s a really good post Ailie! It resonates with a lot of people who are in the same situation, or have been in this situation before. Well done. xxx

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