5 Things To Discuss In Your Lunch Break This Week


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There is so much happening at the moment, which is good news for awkward conversations in your lunch break. From self-driving cars to Facebook’s creepy algorithms, we’ve got a round-up of things to make sure you’re in the know!

Plus, is it just us or is technology getting a little bit creepy at the moment?

#1 Uber launch self-driving cars
Uber will trial their first fleet of self-driving cars in Pittsburgh this week. Although there will be a backup driver present, this is a huge step towards the future of driverless cars. Users will have the option to opt in or out, and rides will be free to encourage users to try the service.

What do you think, revolutionary, or terrifying?!

#2 Your genes could be responsible for your coffee addiction
Finally, something to blame my coffee addiction on that isn’t my late night Netflix binges! Scientists at the University Of Edinburgh have identified the part of a person’s DNA that can appear to cut their caffeine consumption. Those with a variation in their PDSS2 gene tend to drink less coffee, as they are naturally more receptive to the effects.

See, it’s not our fault – it’s genetics!

#3 Facebook automates trending topics
Another day, another social platform turning further towards a completely algorithmic approach! Facebook’s trending posts will no longer feature human written descriptions, simply showing how many people are discussing a topic instead.

Facebook is creeping us out at the moment, with many people lamenting their stalker-ish approach to advertising. Turns out they collect all sorts of data about users, including whether they’re looking to buy a new car, and how big their houses are. Gizmondo published a list of everything they know about us. Of course, this data is all for targeted ads, but some people are still unhappy with it.

#4 Could your WiFi router be spying on you?
Talking of creepy tech, new information shows that your WiFi router is capable of monitoring humans, in surprising detail! When you move through a room containing WiFi, your body affects the signal, absorbing some rays and deflecting others. By analyzing this data, researchers were able to identify a particular person, and even lip read with accuracy! Maybe a piece of information to forget…fast.

#5 Apple Offers an iOS Update After Security Is Compromised
Investigators recently realized that one the world’s most evasive digital arms dealers are believed to have been using security vulnerabilities in Apple products to spy on dissidents and journalists. What is it with all the creepy technology news this week? No worries, Apple have quickly released a patched version of iOS 9.3.5, which you can access by simply updating your phone as you usually would!


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  • mediamarmalade

    Love this post (and Sarah’s beautiful shot), fab idea

    Mel x


    • :-D Thanks Mel! x

  • Ariadna Morell

    Loved the post! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    • Thanks so much Ariadna! x

  • Kaylee Karcher

    Wow I had no idea about the wi-fi router thing!! That’s crazy!

    I LOVE this post because I actually DID want to talk about these topics after reading them! A lot of times bloggers suggest really cliche/ vague/ boring topics to talk about but these were actually very interesting!!

    xx -Kaylee

    • So great to hear Kaylee! We’ll definitely be doing more round-up posts! :) x

  • Elishia

    Woah too many things there creeping me out! I love these posts, I think that CGD have an awesome balance of subject matter. No matter what, there is always something fascination in 1 or more of your daily posts. Great job team CGD!


    • Aw thank you so much Elishia! That made my day! :-) x

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