#TGIF: 5 Things To Do During The Weekend To Improve Your Life


On the weekend the one thing you need is rest, it’s a perfect time to reset your mind, refocus your goals and get away from your busy 9-5.


See your friends:
It’s a no brainer, no matter how tired or unenthused you are, there’s nothing better than catching up your bffs at the weekend. It can be a tiring week, especially for us career girls, so spending time with your girlfriends can really relieve the pressure.

Set aside one hour to plan your week and focus on your goals, don’t get too sucked in though, it’s the weekend, you want to plan fun stuff, too!



Get outdoors: 
Spend some time outdoors. Get some fresh air and go for a walk or run – the best way to make sure you get a fun-filled weekend is to get a new perspective on things, and spending some time in the great outdoors will truly help.

Stay healthy: 
Of course, the weekend is the best time to pig out on whatever you desire, but it’s also a great time to try your best to stay on track. We’re not saying eat boring foods, but the weekend is a perfect time to experiment with those goji bowls, drink smoothies and do your at-home workout in front of the TV.


Have your me-time:
Even during the weekend you can have a lot of time to spend on others, so it’s important to set aside me-time for yourself. Whether you go shopping for some accessories, run yourself a hot bubble bath and start a new book, or buy yourself a tub of ice cream and eat it while watching movies, we don’t judge, all we know is that you feel so much better once you spend time with yourself!

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  1. Me time is so important! Great post, as always.

    Jemima x

  2. Great tips and it is always important to spend time outside.


  3. I love getting out on the weekend to get some fresh air and be in nature. Whether it’s a walk near the ocean or a hike in the redwoods, it’s so important to rejuvenate. Great post!

  4. Only two days of me time ??

    http://www.mostglamour.com – MOST’s sisters blog

  5. Love my me-time! Have to try harder working out in front of the TV :)

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