5 Things You Need To Become Super Successful

We all kind of know the list of things you need to do if you want to try to become successful. Work hard, never give up, formulate your goals, plans etc. But what things do you need when you want to try and be successful? Are there any items in life that all almost all successful people own that are part of the road to success?

On this Black Friday, we did the research for you and found out what 5 tools almost all successful people own:

A planner/notebook

What would our life be without planners and notebooks? In the CGD office, we are obsessed with planning and scheduling. Post-its are hanging everywhere and we each have at least 2 different planners.Planning is an essential part of being or becoming successful. With the new year coming, it is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new planner and start 2016 of right.

A Smartphone or Tablet

The obsession of our generations: technology! Having a good tablet and smartphone changed the whole road to being successful. We are living in a 24/7 economy, where everything keeps going and we always need to keep ourself up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in our field, without losing ourselves. Having a smartphone or tablet is essential to keep yourself updated, respond to mail and run your business.

Books that motivate and inspire

It doesn’t matter how fancy technology gets, nothing will ever beat a good motivational and inspirational book. You always need to keep yourself motivated and inspired, otherwise it is really easy to lose focus and track of your goals. As you might know, in the CGD HQs we are obsessed with #GIRLBOSS, but of course, there are a lot of other books
as well that inspire us on a daily basis.

A simulated sunrise alarm clock

The road to success often means early morning and late nights. Especially in the winter it can be hard since it is dark when you wake up and dark when you are on your way back home. There are some awesome alarm clocks that will make your waking up a bit more comfortable. A simulated sunrise alarm clock basically gives you the feeling that natural sunlight is waking you up (awesome right!) and, therefore, wakes you up in a more natural way. You will wake up more rested and relaxed, which means a more energetic and productive you.

A hobby

You need a life outside you hectic career where you can de-stress and do anything else but think about work. Whether it is working out, doing yoga, playing piano or anything else you love. Always make sure you take care of yourself as well!

  • http://www.ohjanuary.blogspot.co.uk Hannah Lucy

    Love these tips, and really want a sunrise alarm clock!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr/ Camille Beygui

    Awesome tips ! I would love one of those alarm clocks



  • http://www.cojograab.com Cojo Graab

    I really need this alarm clock in my life. I feel like technology goes into a good direction!


  • Ellie

    You also need to be able to recognize an opportunity and fearlessly take advantage of it. Working hard is not enough – you must also work smart.

  • https://www.lynyrdgolightly.blogspot.com Lindsey Brooke

    I loved this post. I really need an alarm clock like this in my life!

  • Sonam

    Great post, Planners are great otherwise you lose track of what you need to sort everything. I need to invest in some inspirational and motivational books when you have those days. :)

    Sonam – http://fashtasticflare.blogspot.co.uk/

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