5 Thoughts Everyone Has Before a Meeting

Ah, the work meeting. Dreaded by most and loved by a rare few, these congregative events bring together everyone, from every corner of the office, to produce ideas as well as to discuss upcoming opportunities, deadlines, and more. While meetings can serve as brilliant platforms for getting feedback on work and ideas in addition to networking with coworkers, the negative thoughts surrounding the concept of meetings cause them, in our heads, to be merely a dull and unnecessary addition to our already busy workday.

Although many of us are aware that meetings are a vital component in a successfully functioning work atmosphere, it’s hard not to let thoughts of better things, like sleep or food, dance through our heads. And let’s face it, there are some things about meetings that we all can’t stand (cue the slightly creepy people that emerge from the darkest corners of the office only for the meeting). Read on, especially if you find yourself dreading meetings, for five extremely relatable thoughts that everyone has before a meeting.

Do I really have to go to this?

Most of the time, the minutes or hours leading up to a meeting fill us with dread and annoyance. There are a billion things each of us would rather be doing, and spending time in a conference room with our coworkers is not at the top of anyone’s bucket list.

If there’s no food, I’m quitting.

There’s one thing that can make almost anything bearable: food. Being given doughnuts, coffee, juice, or bagels for a morning meeting can brighten up the dreariness associated with it. For an afternoon meeting, lunch should be a given. Any kind of lunch foods will do, as long as it’s satisfying enough to squash all negative attitudes towards the meeting!

I don’t have time for this! What a waste!

Us Career Girls are extremely busy people, whose time is precious and is carefully planned out in order to maximize productivity and minimize stress. Most of us cannot help but feel like a meeting is a waste of time, even when we know better, simply because we have better things to do. We have a ton of things that we constantly feel we need to accomplish, and having something that is mandatory that we go to, that sometimes feels completely invaluable to us personally, can cause resentful feelings. Seriously, why us?

Oh my gosh, do I have to present at this?

Public speaking, aside from being the number one fear people have, is something made even scarier when it’s in front of our peers and those above us in the workplace. If public speaking scares you, check out our articles on what to do to prepare as well as how to overcome a fear of being judged by our coworkers.

I hope that (insert name) isn’t there.

As much as we try to love everyone and enjoy working with all of our peers, it’s impossible to get along with each and every person in the office. Even if you like (or tolerate) everyone, there’s probably someone ‘creepy’ or weird who you’d prefer to avoid.

Overall, meetings provide us with the opportunity to network and receive feedback. However much we complain about them and wonder why us, why there’s no food, and more, we all know that truly, they are essential to how success comes about for everyone involved. So the next time you are dreading a meeting, know that you are most definitely not alone.