How To Achieve Your Biggest Goals At The End Of The Year

2016 is slowly approaching. Are you ready? Have you reviewed those goals, milestone and dreadful new year’s resolutions? Feeling a little overwhelmed because…well it is now December and the 20 things on that list are looking a bit impossible to do now. Well you just may be right – we at CGD would never sell you a fake ticket. Honesty is our best policy. However, realistically you could still tick off a couple of boxes towards your biggest goals if you follow these steps closely. Please note: a guarantee is not offered with this post!

 Regroup, Re-plan and Re-strategize

Reread that list – obviously you will not be losing 30 lbs in the next couple of weeks without causing a serious medical condition, so your first task is to regroup, re-plan and re-strategize. The famous quote says, “not to plan is a plan to fail”. Therefore, you did not fail, you made the plan but it was either not realistically achievable, too broad or not something you really wanted to do (be honest). So let’s start moving things over to 2016 … go ahead, it is okay. As for this year …


 Break large goals into baby steps

We know you aim to conquer the world and your dreams can not be dumbed down. But, Rome wasn’t built in a day (literally). So if you aim to be Senior Style Editor of the company and currently you are the intern – go girl! – think baby steps. Maybe your baby has extended size feet so he/she can walk faster – just saying. However you need to put it in the plan for 2016. Because until the end of 2015 you are going to focus on those SMART goals.

Set SMART goals

Now that you have determined what it will take to get to world domination, let’s set some SMART goals. This is corporate lingo for specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused and time-bound. Set realistic short term goals that ultimately drive you to the longer term goal set. Therefore, if you wish to travel to Europe by December 31st, what steps can you take now? For instance: confirm dates of travel by Friday, purchase plane ticket by Christmas day as gift to self, book accommodations on Boxing Day. By the way, if this is your goal it’s a close one, so seek out last minute travel deals on sites like Groupon, Living Social, Cheaptickets and Kayak.

Side note: Remember when you set time-bound goals you are more apt to stick to them because they become deadlines and something to look toward.

Just Do it

There is a reason why we are so drawn to this Nike slogan. It is simple, easy and straight to the point. Whether you have weeks or days to make the best of the end of the year, Just Do It. Want to finish your novel by the end of the year, you are going to have to hunker down, lock yourself away and go at it. No more excuses. Authors such as John Boyne finished, Boy in the Striped Pajamas in 2 days. So rent that hotel room this weekend and just do it.


Don’t wait until the last box is ticked or the long term goal is complete, celebrate now. Promise yourself for every box ticked you will do something fun or special. Buy a piece of jewelry, take yourself to the movies, have dessert, or take some “me” time. And there’s nothing like rewarding yourself with a great Christmas gift or a rocking NYE party attire. Whatever makes you feel accomplished and rewarded, do that.

The key to accomplishing your biggest goals before the end of the year is to accomplish your short term (interim) goals with vision towards your long term dreams. You will feel as though you have made some headway and be fulfilled when you are able to tick some things off your 2015 to do list.

Good luck!

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  • Camille Beygui

    Thanks for the motivation


    • I happy you liked our post Camille!

  • Lauren

    I can’t believe we’re so close to the end of the year! Great tips x

    • Lois

      I know right! It all went so fast!

  • Chiara

    Thanks for the little push to organise at my best my new year. Things are always good to hear twice or more, even if we know them already.
    This article just gave me the right motivation I just needed! Thanks, thanks, thanks .

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