5 Tips For Buying Shoes That Look Expensive But Aren’t


The key to making any outfit look more expensive than it is is clever accessories. And fortunately, a great pair of shoes will do wonders for any outfit.

Just Fab have a whole hub of inexpensive shoes that will look the exact opposite when paired with the right outfit, you just need to get smart about what to look for and how to pick shoes that will really say something about what you’re wearing.

So here’s how to find those dreamy shoes that everybody will ask about. Be smart about your choices and take these tips into consideration.


1. Go for faux suede or similar

Why? Suede is a really luxurious texture. It always manages to look more expensive than it is, mainly because it’s never dated and has a vast price range. You can get suede shoes in both budget and designer prices, so by looking for budget shoes in a suede (or suede-like) finish, you’ll instantly add to your outfit. Suede retains color well too, and faux-suede is so close to real you’ll never tell.


Magdalyn Boot in Black, Available here


2. Buy heels with flat soles

Why? Choose a sophisticated heel with a flat sole, this instantly looks like a fashion-girl approved shoe, a chunkier platform is appropriate for clubbing of course, but this Cannes-approved heel style looks seriously expensive!



Tellen Shoes in Plum, Available Here


3. Go for basics

Why? Simple shapes, styles, and patterns are definitely better when you’re trying to buy a pair of shoes that look way pricier than they actually were. Plus, they’re timeless, so you know they won’t go out of style by next season.


Isolette Shoes in Black, Available here


4. Look for a matte finish

Why? Metallic and glittery shoes are in now that party season has officially crept up on us. Try to make sure your metallics are dull not super shiny, again this makes them timeless and ensures they’ll come back in style season after season. Glitter looks better without a finish, so if the sparkles are dull and in chunks that’s much, better. Even when choosing patent shoes, look for slightly shiny material but dull colors.

Lisabette Shoes in Glitter, Available here.


5. Make sure you can walk in them 

Why? Be realistic about what you can walk in. The higher the heel the more likely they are to become worn if you can’t walk in them properly. Better fitting shoes that you can dance all night in look instantly chic, and upgrade any outfit.

Phylecia Boot with Glitter Heel, Available here.

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  1. I actually tick off most of these tips when buying shoes. Never owned a branded pair in my life… unless you count H&M? Haha.
    – Charmaine

  2. Being comfortable in what you’re wearing is so important! And yes, who doesn’t love suede?!


  3. I have really tried to see if I can get some boots that I can afford, that will be comfortable and I can use for a long time. Thanks!

  4. I love the glitter heel boots ! I believe it’s all about slight differences when it comes to looking expensive : a hint of shine on the heels instantly makes black shoes a bit more precious

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