5 Tips For Getting Your Life Together

5 Tips For Getting Your Life Together

Sometimes life just does not go as planned, you feel overwhelmed, a lot is going on in your life, and the feeling to get control back over your life grows stronger and stronger. Getting that control back always starts with a plan and if you’re wondering where to start, we got you! Here are 5 tips for getting your life back together.

1. Plan your day!

5 Tips For Getting Your Life TogetherLife becomes much easier when you know what you are doing, where you are going, and who you are meeting. It is said organization is key, maybe clearing our mind is the key, through organization. A planner is used to collect all of our thoughts through color, stickers, and sticky notes, highlighting our schedules and daily to-do lists. Not everything needs to be planned, or completed sometimes it can be nice to have gaps for self-care, spontaneity, or nothing, sometimes nothing is necessary. Plan wisely and, know your limit, use the Getting Stuff Done planner to help keep your life organized. This is the key if you’re wondering where to start and how to get your life together.

2. Positivity can be infectious.

Every morning or night take ten minutes to sit and reflect, think about at least five things you feel grateful for that day. Allow this one activity to bring positivity into your life and know life is not always great but, something is great every day. The Gratitude Journal is a good way to make a habit out of this and keep track of all the things you are thankful for in your life. 

3. Plan your meals!

There is much emphasis on eating well and making sure you are mindful of what you eat. Plan your meals every week so you can be adventurous with your meals and make meals more enjoyable. Meal planning will allow you to enjoy the process of choosing a meal and know what ingredients you need, so there will be less food waste. Try using the On The Menu Meal Planner to plan your meals and provide you with the weekly shopping list. 


Getting Stuff Done Planner


On the Menu Meal Planner


FIT Planner


4. Get moving!

There are many benefits of exercising: it just takes some encouragement and motivation to begin. When exercising, be adventurous, try new exercises, and see if there’s one that excites you. Trying new exercises can be daunting at times so here are a few ways you could try some new exercises; signing up to a class whether virtual or at the gym, trying out a youtube or online workout, signing up to an online fitness subscription where there is a range of exercises or you may need some extra encouragement and need a friend to hold you accountable.

5. Make a goal map.

In this World you sometimes lose sight of the goals you once had, life distracts you and can leave you feeling disheartened. Take a breath. Take at least an hour each week to set yourself clear goals and to make sure you are on track to achieve these. If you find yourself being distracted, that is okay, re-evaluate and get back on track. No-one is perfect but, you can help yourself stay on track. Maybe tell a friend or family member these goals and allow them to hold you accountable and steer you back on track. 

Written by Lauren Hart Vipond


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