5 Tips For A Healthy Relationship When You’re A Busy Career Girl


Working towards our career goals takes a lot of time and effort, whether we’re working a full-time gig, a start-up or side hustle – it can take everything we’ve got, and it can be easy for relationships to get shuffled down the priorities list. If you have someone in your life who’s dedicated to supporting your goals as much as their own, then try these tips for keeping that good thing sweet.

Prioritize quality time together
Don’t feel guilty for not spending night after night watching Netflix on the sofa together with a takeaway, because, as good as that sounds, quality of time is what counts. Make time as often as your schedules permit. That could be as simple as grabbing a lunch or indulging in a weekend away to really treat yourselves.

Invest in each other’s careers and interests
If your partner is willing to push you, support you, and give you a kick in the butt when needed, returning the same level of investment in their passions makes for the healthiest of relationships. If your boyfriend’s into football, why not sit on the sideline occasionally with a glass of rosé in hand – I’ve twisted your arm haven’t I?

Be understanding and supportive of each other’s dreams
Ok, so both schedules are a little more packed than usual. That’s ok, you both realize that your work is investing in your futures. Show understanding and offer your help during a busy time. After all, what a perfect excuse for a fancy date next month?

Take time to celebrate the wins
When you’re in a healthy relationship you get to celebrate double the amount of wins – sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Be a personal cheerleader for the big and small breakthroughs and it’s sure to be appreciated and not go unnoticed.

Make sure to express gratitude and appreciation
That person who you want to share good news with first, who supports you and your successes – let them know that it doesn’t go unnoticed with a thank you gesture and they’re sure to appreciate it and keep up the good work.

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 Written by Hannah Gransden

  1. Really good tips! Communication & motivation are key elements! All worth it in the end so buckle up your boots and grind.

  2. So true! I’m especially fond of the tip for prioritizing quality time together. Quality over quantity all the way. ❤️

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