Get On Top Of Your Game: 5 Tips To Help You Focus In Your Busy Office

We all know what its like to work in a busy office, staying focused is a hard task especially when you have so many different characters in such a small space. Monday mornings are far more interesting when you get to gossip about your weekend shenanigans with your co-workers and there is never a shortage of speculation about who is going to kiss who at the Christmas party.

Let’s be honest as much as we love working in an office its probably not the best place to be productive. In order to stay focused and make sure you are at the top of your game, you can take a few small steps to get back to your best and get the job done without needing to leave behind your beloved spinning chair or clear out your stationery drawer!

Invest in headphones

Perhaps not the friendliest of approaches, your desk buddy may be a little offended if you just turn up one day with a large pair of noise-cancelling headphones, but they really do help to block out unwanted noise and allow you to think clearly about the task ahead. Putting aside a couple of hours each day to escape the noisy hustle and bustle of the office can really make a difference to how much you get done and the overall quality of your work will improve. Generally people don’t try to distract those who have headphones in so really it’s a win-win situation.

‘Going out every couple of hours to get some fresh air can have a wonderful effect’

Get out for lunch

It’s so tempting to just eat lunch at your desk because really no one has the time to take a whole hour out of their day, but it’s so important that you do try to get out of the office as often as you can. Going out every couple of hours to get some fresh air can have a wonderful effect, clear your mind and allow you to refocus. Staying in one place for too long can send anyone a little crazy so be sure to take a break and get out of that small confined space!

Complete tasks as soon as possible

Studies show that on average it takes someone 17 minutes to get back on task once they have allowed themselves to be distracted, therefore getting jobs completed as soon as possible and not stopping until you have done so will really free up your time in the long run.

Allow yourself a break

Allowing yourself small periods of time where you can chat to co-workers, check Facebook and even take a selfie if you wish, it’s far better than depriving yourself of any downtime and getting yourself stressed and worked up. Someone who is refreshed and relaxed will work far better than someone who is putting too much pressure on themselves.

‘We all like a little conversation from time to time ‘

Move away from distractions

Unlike school, it is unlikely that your boss will ask you move seats when you are caught giggling in the corner with one of your co-workers, it is now up to you to decide if those around you are causing so much of a distraction that it is starting to affect your work. We all like a little conversation from time to time and getting on well with those you work around is great and can really brighten up the day, just as long as it isn’t affecting how you work.

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  1. Awesome post; :)
    It’s defo hard to get away from distracts – self discipline I guess.

    Fredaaa x

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