Five Tips To Help You Travel More And Spend Less


Travelling is an enriching and adventurous experience, whether it is somewhere new in your region or an entirely different country. It also requires money and can quickly get expensive. Don’t let that deter you from broadening your horizons.

Here are five tips to help you save money when travelling.

Hit two locations in one trip

A lot of destinations are near others, making it easy to see both without spending much more. If you are traveling to Europe for example, you could fly into one city and then leave from another nearby. This allows you to see multiple places in one trip. Maybe France and Belgium, for instance. Another idea would be visiting somewhere like San Francisco and taking a drive to the Redwood National Park.

Use Airbnb

If you haven’t used Airbnb yet to find a place to stay for a night or even a month, you should give it a try. It is essentially the lodging equivalent of Uber. You enter your location, the days you are looking to stay there and the amenities you want and then choose a place. The payment is made through your phone directly and the prices range depending on what you are looking for, making it much easier to find something that fits within your budget. I used it last summer on an East Coast road trip and ended up staying in some very adorable places, including a small house on a lake in North Carolina. It is definitely worth a try and will save you some serious money compared to booking a traditional hotel.

onGo during the off-seas

There are certain seasons in most locations that are most desirable for tourists. The hotels and flights during the off-season are much cheaper, and as an added bonus it is also usually much less crowded.

Use passes

This goes for everything from transportation to museums. Do your online research to see what is available in the area you will be visiting. Many places have train and bus passes, which are drastically cheaper than paying per ride. There are also museum and attraction passes you can buy, packing several entrance fees together for a discounted price. Buying online rather than when you get there can often be cheaper as well.

Book last minute

I am sure this one doesn’t come as a surprise to you, but it is worth mentioning. If you are up for planning your trips at the last minute, then this can be a really good option. Particularly if you are a savvy internet shopper. You can find hotels, passes and flights for incredible prices if you do your research. I would also add, that from personal experience the element of short notice can add a whole other level of excitement to a trip.

Bottom line. If you do your research, shop around and aren’t afraid to try something new, you can save a lot of money when traveling. Which can result in having more money to spend on another trip in the future. Oh, and if you end up staying in a cool Airbnb rental, say a tree house or sail boat, tell us about it in the comments section. Happy travels!

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    Great tips


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    Eager to get travelling again now! Great tips x

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