5 Tips For Making Friends In Your Twenties


A large number of twenty year olds adopt the attitude of already having their friends, and not needing any more. While our generation is completely obsessed with dating, and trying to find someone to be in a relationship with, we have completely forgotten the importance of making new friends.

Your twenties are all about putting in the groundwork that will set you up for life, and having a good connection of friends should be a huge part of that. You may think it is too difficult, or you just may not want to, but in your twenties making new friends should come fairly easy. There are plenty of opportunities that you may not be aware of, and these tips should steer you in the right direction and make you realise just how easy making new friends can be.

1. Be a true digital native and use Meetup

As a generation who are obsessed with online dating, it only seems logical to make friends the same way. Meetup allows you connect with like-minded people wherever you live, or you are travelling to, who share the same interests and are equally as keen to make new friends. Not only will you have a load of new connections, but also you are likely to learn something new and meet people who will offer you a whole new perspective from the friends you already have.

2. Get a hobby

Having a hobby provides instant access to people who can quickly become your friend. If your hobby is the same then you already have similar interests and plenty of opportunities to meet up. Even something as simple as joining a local club, or signing up to a class could give you a whole new group of friends, without you really having to network at all.

3. Connect with mutual friends

Friends of friends are a great way for you to connect with new people that are somewhat familiar. Trying to make friends with a complete stranger can be daunting, but using a mutual friend can bypass this step and you can use what they know about the person to your advantage. Tag along when a friend of yours is going out with people you don’t know and you will have access to people who can network with, and easily broaden your circles.

4. Go somewhere new

To meet new people it makes sense to go somewhere different. Skip your usual routine and go somewhere you have never been. Even something as easy as going to the local park on your lunch break, could create opportunities to meet people, just make sure you look approachable and don’t be afraid to start a conversation.

5. Learn how to make friendly chat

Do you have familiar faces that you always see? Whether it’s a stranger in the gym, or a colleague around the office, starting a conversation is essential in making new friends. The chances are that you could be really compatible with this person, but unless you talk to them you will never find out.