5 Simple Tips On How To Dress For Success – Looking good helps you feel good

Sexy, elegant and incredibly hot — are the words you’re saying to yourself, when you look in the mirror after putting on a pair of heels. Just look at how much longer your legs are! Let’s just forget the fact these heels will hurt like h*ll by the end of the day. The average woman dedicates 55 minutes a day to her appearance. Why? What happens when we wouldn’t care about our appearance?

how to dress for success

This behaviour is a phenomenon called ‘power dressing’. We’re not talking about the ‘shopaholic’ who is addicted to shopping, but the girl who’s sending out a daily message to the world. Power dressing  refers to a style of clothing and hair intended to make women more authoritative and competent, especially in professional settings in business, law and government.

We’ve come a long way. Power dressing now is designed to let the woman inside us come through.Donna Karan

Bottom line is that we dress ourselves in a way we would like to be seen by others. Every person with an Instagram account has experimented with the different filters and follows person who dress for success.


#1 – Don’t go for sky high heels 

It is proven, heels give more confidence but don’t overdo it. Clearly women in heels are making their presence known, especially to strangers. Good heels this season are from Jimmy Choo or these from Sergio Rossi

#2 – Keep your emotions under control

Your choice of colour is critical! Are you open-minded go for purple. Are you more conservative go for black. A must have in your wardrobe is a neutral blazer. This one from Alexander McQueen is sophisticated and classy.

#3-  Think about the message you want to spread.
If you want to position yourself for a raise or promotion, try outfits that will give the impression you’re reliable, powerful and easy to work with. Show your amazing personality!

#4 -Hair is as important as your outfit
Go for a classy & sophisticated haircut. Invest in a great haircut and visit Errol Douglas if you live in London. His team is amazing and will do wonders with your hair.

#5 -Keep it neutral

You don’t want to arrive at the office looking like you’ve just dipped your face in all your MAC make-up, trying to recreate a beauty tutorial from YouTube star Michelle Phan. At the office less is more. Think classy red or pink lips and neutral colours on the eye.

Want to know what Diana von Furstenburg thinks about Power Dressing or Michelle Obama? Well, if you’re planning to visit Central London, you should definitely pay a visit to the Women, Fashion Power exhibition in the Design Museum. It offers a glance at how current Power Woman have used fashion to define and enhance their position in the world.

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Featured image: Rachel Zoe Project

  • http://annazuerker.blogspot.com Anna

    such a great blog and such an inspiration :)

  • http://adventuresinverdance.wordpress.com Meg @ Adventures in Verdance

    The neutral blazer is my best friend. I need to work on ‘dressing for the job I want’, though. I’ll get there. :) Thanks for sharing!

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