Make The Dream Work: 5 Tips On How To Be A Stronger Team Player

We all have been there, you have a group project in university, you were supposed to meet up at 3pm and one person cancels at the last minute without a legitimate reason or emailing their part of the group work. In the professional world, it is that one person who is doing the least of the group, always calls in sick but still takes the credit. It is the most annoying thing that can happen, but for some reason, it almost always happens.


If you are that 1 person, I would like to say: stop it! Apart from the fact that it is annoying and unfair to the other team players, you also bring the team spirit and performance down.

But hey, we can give you a second chance, so therefore we give you 5 tips on how to be a stronger team player:

#1 – Be Dependable

A key aspect of being a valued member of any team is to remain consistent and constantly reliable day in and day out, not just when the occasion suits you. Sometimes its hard to be that person; the one whos being counted on to get the job done, ensuring yourself and others hit those all important deadlines whilst maintaining  consistent, quality work. But instead of fearing the pressure, try and thrive off of it! Not everyone has the ability to be “the go-to-girl”, but by simply pushing yourself  to help every member as much as you possibly can, in next to no time you will find that productivity as a group should increase on a professional level, but also the personal feel good factor of helping your peers is second to none.

#2 – Do your tasks (and a bit more)

Whilst getting the work done and doing your fair share is expected of any good team players, those who want to step up and become great team players know that taking risks, using your initiative, pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone and proposing creative ideas is what it takes to keep a step ahead of the competition. Taking on more responsibilities and extra tasks is a sure way to keep team motivation high as nobody wants to be “that one” who’s fallen behind whilst you continue to excel.

#3 – Trust other team members

Everybody wants to be a boss, but nobody wants to be a control freak. The line is finer than you think! While stepping up and completing all your tasks and more is fantastic (see previous point), you don’t want to discredit other team members by completely taking over all of their jobs too. Building a strong team around you is essential to being successful in whichever field you work in, and its impossible to build a strong team without strong relationships at the core of it. Great team members trust their teammates and most of all their team members trust them. Trust is earned through integrity, consistency, honesty and commitment to the cause. Trust is everything!

#4 – Adapt quickly and easily to changes

“A person is judged not by the situations they are put in, but by how they react to change it.” Not exactly a world famous, philosophical quote but one that’s true all the same. Being a great team player means that you can no longer sit around and watch as change happens. Be the change! Adapting to changing situations is not always easy, but remember in these times not to stress or complain about what has happened, instead be the positive force your team needs to come out the other side.

#5 – Give positive energy

You can either bring positive or negative energy, it is up to you which one you pick. Positive energy will influence the team spirit and enhance the performance of the team.  Negativity brings your group down and will not make you very likable as well. It sabotages the team and could make other group members feel bad about the team, project or you, which will influence their performance as a whole.

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  1. Well, I am currently tell You I am the last person to want to work in a team (… yes, this is all temporary and because I simply despise My senior team at university… but I hate to admit it -.-)
    I always end up doing all the work and not cause I’m a push over but cause the others simply just do not care and think… Oh, well, someone else will end up doing My part… And someone is Me of course because while they may not care about Their GPAs I do :( and the Professor usually doesn’t care “why” We didn’t finish, just that We didn’t…
    *siiiiggghh* But true. I guess at work it would be different… lol I had to vent

    SJay // The Chronic Dreamer | A Lifestyle Blog

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