5 Tips For A Super Successful Career From Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift really is the ultimate career girl, she’s super successful and really nice to her fans. Sure there might be a lot of people who don’t like admitting that they jam to her songs, but there are some serious career lessons we can learn from her! Here they are!

Be kind.

It’s safe to say Taylor Swift is the kindest popstar in the world. Last year, she surprised a few of her fans with some handpicked Christmas presents (she checked their Facebook pages upfront, to make sure they would love her gifts). She regularly visits fans in hospitals, and did you know her mom chooses fans from the audience to get an unexpected meet and greet? She goes to great lengths for her fans, because she knows they’re the reason for her success.

Don’t let your relationship status define you.

Dating John Mayer? Or Harry Styles? Linked to Jake Gyllenhaal? Happily together with Calvin Harris? Or is your life a party for one? It doesn’t matter, and it shouldn’t. You definitely don’t need a relationship to be happy.

Form a girl squad of like minded friends.

It’s nice to team up with other girls from your industry. You know the same people, visit the same parties and share those strange things nobody else understands about your job. It’s nice to have friends in your field of work, even when they don’t work at your firm.

Be in that boring meeting.

Apart from the glamorous photoshoots, inspiring interviews, exhausting rehearsals and of course awesome concerts, Taylor is in more meetings than you’d think. She wants to be the one to decide whether a costume will be blue or pink, what should be the price of her tickets and which cities will be visited in her tour. Bottom line: if you want to have a say in things, be there in the meeting.

Shake it off.

Bumps in the road, or a real crisis. Everybody has experienced those evil days, and you will have some more in the future. Harsh but true. Most of the time it’s nothing personal, but plain old bad luck or someone else’s insecurity. Remember to shake it off, and go on. Or do it like Taylor; write a song about it and make millions!

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