5 Tips To Cope With A Super Stressful Work Environment

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There are times in every Career Girls life when work is just super stressful and crazy busy. Perhaps it’s a deadline for a pitch or a new client who needs attention asap. Whatever the reason, it is essential to manage your stress effectively. Stress can sap your mood and kill your productivity levels. If you are too busy flapping and worrying then the situation will not improve. Here are 5 tips to manage a stressful period in the office!

1. Plan your day or week and stick to it

It is necessary to start the week as you mean to go on. Grab a coffee and your planner (pretty stationery optional!) and plan your week. Make sure that meetings and urgent tasks are noted. Make a manageable to-do-list and stick to it.

2. Delegate

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of delegation. Even if you are a perfectionist, you only have one pair of hands. It is crucial that you grab extra assistance and dish out the tasks. It will de-clutter your mind and leave you able to focus on more important matters.

3. Take regular breaks

It may seem impossible to leave your desk when the emails are clogging up your inbox and the phone is ringing off the hook. However, the importance of regular breaks cannot be underestimated. How about you take a walk at lunch or invite a colleague for a coffee? Most importantly -step away from the desk. You will return fresh and ready to tackle the next challenge.

4. Drink up

Stay hydrated. Keep a large bottle of water on your desk and keep sipping throughout the day. Throw in some lemon or mint to add flavour. Dehydration is a huge energy sapper. If you are thirsty you will feel dull, tired and demotivated. Not at the top of your game!

5. Switch off

If possible, don’t have access to your email when you leave the office. It is important to have a healthy work-life balance. When you get home after a long day why not cook a healthy dinner, run a bath and watch a light hearted movie. You will feel invigorated after the rest and ready to face the challenges that tomorrow will bring.

Written by Catherine Murphy

  • Louise

    As a serial multi-tasker, I can also recommend single tasking. I’ve recently started it and you get more done and feel far less overwhelmed.