5 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Brighter

photo: Patrick Ta


Late nights and early mornings are sometimes a part of life, and occasionally, they show. The one non-negotiable of any beauty routine is under eye concealer.

Whether you choose to bake it, blend it or brighten it, this is how you banish those eye bags and look instantly awake.

Petal oil
The beauty benefits of petal oils and waters are many. Think of rose water or multi-use floral oils. They’re gentle and brightening! This beautiful Petal Multi-Use Oil is infused with rose, apricot, vitamin E, freesia, and peony. Drop some on a cotton pad and clean your eyes with it. It will moisturize, hydrate, clean, reduce dark circles and increase brightness.

Color correct 
Instead of your average concealer, you should try to do some color correcting. If you really struggle with dark circles, a peachy toned color will absolutely neutralize those. The sell-out color correcting palette from NYX will make sure your bags are seriously packed.

Highlighter in the inner corners
The age old trick. Dot a little bit of your favorite highlighter or illuminator just in front of the tear duct. This is a trick Marilyn Monroe used to use to get that super bright, healthy eyed look. Laura Mercier’s brand new Fall In Love palette is perfect for the job as it’s subtly shimmery but can be built up and comes in a variety of shades!

Nude eyeliner 
On those particularly tired days, open your eyes up by lining your waterline with a nude or neutral eyeliner. This will make your eyes look larger and brighter (I know I’ve said all this before!), Nars Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte is a great long-wearing liner in a creamy color perfect for around the eyes.

Cool your undereyes
Finally, if your eyes are tired and no amount of color correcting can lift them, take five minutes to use cooling eye patches. This is the best way to reinvigorate yourself, wake yourself up, brighten your eyes and cool those tired eyes. Tarte Pack Your Bags Undereye Patches are amazing. Vegan-friendly, cooling and hydrating, so your eyes can be instantly brighter!

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