5 Tips To Wake Up With Perfect Skin Every Morning


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Winter brings all the cozy clothes but it really does a number on your skin. It causes dryness all over your body and the dreaded chapped lips, which is really not what the catwalks have gone with this seasonHere are some tips on how to get that beautiful glowy winter skin overnight!


1. Keep a three step routine every evening
“Exfoliate, treat, seal,” says Lisa Goldfaden, of Goldfaden MD. She’s described as the princess of natural skincare and follows strict rules for great skin. Including a seriously healthy diet! “It’s so important to wear something hydrating and wake up feeling and looking hydrated not having redness.”

Be smart about your products. Use an exfoliator like Bare Minerals Skinsorials Treat, Exfoliate, Smooth, treat with a cleanser like Elemis Biotec Skin Energizing Cleanser and then seal with an oil or hydrating moisturizer, the Goldfaden MD Overnight Regenerative Moisturizer has got your back. That’s your three step routine.


#2 Go to bed without any makeup
It’s all about taking off what you have on your face throughout the day, and it might not just be makeup, it’s also pollutants and dirt. So clean your skin, but use something that doesn’t strip your face of natural oils. Even if you use soap and water, make sure it’s skin friendly soap like this Pink Clay Gentle Cleanse Soap Bar.

#3 Try a steam treatment
Make yourself an at-home sauna by boiling some water and placing your head over it. You’ll feel instantly uplifted and your pores will open. It’s the perfect way to get all those annoying blackheads!

#4 Use a wake-up serum
Once you’re awake, your skin needs a wake-up call too. When we spoke to Lisa, she was pretty certain that your wake-up face can be banished by using Wake Up Call by Goldfaden MD. It contains avocado and grapeseed oils and red tea to give you an instant boost of hydration and smooth your skin.


#5 Use a sheet mask once a week
To keep your skin bright and beautiful, give yourself a facial massage and use a sheet mask once a week. The Shiseido Revitalizing Face Mask will help break the effects of a long week down and give your skin a little bit of a refresh. You should aim to make a treatment of 20-25 minutes part of your weekly routine. Also, try to regularly do a facial massage to drain fluid and help stop your face being puffy when you wake up.

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