5 Tricks To Step Up Your Snapchat Game!

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Let’s agree that Snapchat is awesome! As long as you don’t feel the pressure to post everything you do, you can have a lot of fun sharing your goofy, cool or awesome moments with your friends!

You’ve probably figured out quite a lot about Snapchat, but I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve to help you step up your Snapchat game

#1 Black and white writing 
Of course, it’s awesome to write and draw in every bold color you can imagine, but I’m more of a black and white kinda girl. Wanna know how you paint in black or white? Here’s how to: for black, tap the pencil, pick a color, and drag your finger to the bottom left of your phone. For white, just drag your finger left, without going up or down. Ta-daahh!

#2 Multiple filters at once
Forget about ‘less is more’. When it comes to filters, more is more! If you’ve chosen one filter and want to add one more, just hold one finger on your screen, and swipe with another! Sounds complicated, but it really is easy.

#3 Secretly opening snaps
Yeah, guilty. Sometimes you just want to check the message, without the other person knowing. Oh yes, I’m talking about not looking like a creepy stalker whenever someone sends you a new message, particularly if it’s an ex or someone you’re into. Well, I’ve got the trick right here. Allow the message to load, then switch your phone to flight mode, open the damn message already, and whenever you feel like the creepy time has passed, put your phone back on. You’re welcome.

#4 Birthday filters
When you want to receive extra cool snaps on your birthday, then fill in your birthday on your Snapchat account. It’s all in your settings, where you can also check what those cute icons mean! It’s super handy when you’ve got some forgetful friends because a nice cake icon appears behind your name on your birthday!

#5 Change your friend’s name
Tap their name, click on the wheel, and tap ‘change name’! Easy peasy! This is my secret trick to put my besties on top of my contacts list; simply change their name to something with an A (like aaaaaamazing Cathy). Genius right?

Let’s help each other out, and share your best Snapchat tricks below! Thanks, girls!

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  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome post

  • Lexie | NAILGIRL.NET

    Number 3 is a gamechanger for me! Definitely going to try it hahah


  • Jessy Ferreira

    hahaha loved these tips! #3 is great hehehe


    Xoxo Jessy

  • Grace

    I had no ideaaa about these tips and tricks for snap! gonna try it!! Thanks!!


  • Alina Ermilova

    Thanks for sharing those! Really helpful! :)


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