2018 flew by, didn’t it? And 2019 will be here sooner than we think, so it’s important to make these last three months really count and smash the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.

Are you thinking like a successful person? Sorting out your life and getting your ducks in a row? Have you already thought about your 2019 goals and decided a plan to smash them? Now is the perfect time to make the most of these last three months and be prepared to make 2019 your best year yet.

If you’re feeling a bit blocked, unsure how to do something different with the last few months of the year and create your own success, don’t worry. There are a couple of tricks that successful people swear by to always make sure their head is in the right place and their goals are being smashed.


Always ask the right questions

Successful people know the beauty of turning something on its head by questioning it. Elon Musk, for example, is quoted as saying “The tough thing is figuring out which questions to ask. But once you’ve done that, finding the right answers becomes easy.”

Think about everything you’re doing and how you can flip it on its head. Ask yourself unconventional questions and try to find out what the answers would be. You’ll surprise yourself when you think outside of the box, and you might think of new ways to approach the goal you’ve been trying to hit.


Master something new

You can easily learn a new skill in three months. Whether it’s a new language or a skill you’ve never thought about before. You can learn about psychological tricks, relationships, marketing, coding, and practical skills like cooking, painting, and more. Three months is long enough to at least get to a mediocre level of any new skill.

And your new skills will help you in lots of ways, not just the traditional ‘self-development’ ways. They will also transform your life. Knowledge is power when its applied correctly. If you follow Pareto’s principle, use 80% of your time doing and 20% of your time learning, you’ll see a huge improvement in the goals you’ve set for yourself and more.


Rethink failure

Failure does not exist. Remind yourself of that constantly. There is only, trying, and learning. When you fail, you learn a lesson. You’ve learned what went wrong and made amendments to it. You won’t let it happen again.

The same mistake repeated is a huge warning sign. It’s something that you just can’t let happen if you want to be successful. Fail once, fail hard, it’s a trial run. But then you need to learn your lessons and try a different route. If that fails too, well then try something else. You can’t let failure be the full stop at the end of the sentence, a reason to stop trying. Failure is a wonderful thing, it’ll help you grow, develop and become successful. Think about your failures over the past year and find out what you’ve learned in order to make these last few months amazing.


Only listen to people who matter

It sounds harsh, but in your journey to success, there will be hundreds of people with advice for you. Think about their motives. Friends and family will have your best interests at heart, hopefully, but they might not understand your journey. People on the internet might want to sell a course, a lifestyle, a vision that isn’t real. Don’t listen to every piece of advice out there, instead, find a few true voices and keep those in mind.

Find people you aspire to be like who have their sh*t handled in every area of life and listen to their advice. Let everything else fall to the side and follow your own path.


Make big changes instead of small ones

It’s easy to focus on the small life hacks that will improve the way you do things by one or two minutes. Or that will make you feel healthier for a couple of days, for example. Small changes are easy to make. You might decide you’ll cut out a certain food, or try to introduce more of a certain thing into your life without looking at the picture as a whole.

What huge drastic changes can you make that will improve your life by 50% or more, that cut out the need for those small shifts of 1 or 2%. Take your vitamins, of course, but try to shift your whole diet to include them instead of just popping a pill in the morning, every morning. For example, or work out every single day instead of once a week.


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Featured photo: Victoria Beckham

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