5 Types Of Goals Successful Women Always Set Themselves

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Wondering what goals successful women set themselves? If you are reading this, then certainly you have that beautiful powerful driving force inside of you. But let’s be honest, success doesn’t come overnight and that bright potential is not enough. It takes hard work, consistency, focus, and a lot of failures to get to the top of the mountain of success. 

Every successful woman has her own story and fought her own battles, but they can all agree that having a defined plan and setting the right goals can make the road less bumpy.



Take time to dive and withdraw into yourself as far as you can. Know your core values, define your limits, and draw a clear vision of where you are heading. You can use the Stress Less journal to get to know yourself and figure out what you really want from life, using the weekly journaling, wellness, and habit tracker pages you can dig deep to figure out who you really are while you work on a stress-free day.



They say people are the average of the 5 people they spend the most time with. So deciding with who you spend your time  Time is valuable and having genuine, kind and motivating people around you with When you fail and fall, you will need someone by your side, someone who will bring you a bucket of ice cream, wipe up your tears and fears away, and help you stand stronger. This is only possible if you associate with those who will make you a better woman. Build a strong social circle that consists of people who believe in you and who are ready to be there whenever needed without hesitation. 



The types of goals successful women set themselves are all about growth. Grow slowly out of your comfort zone because success won’t come to you while you are lounging on your sofa. Take every day as a challenge to do something differently – try a new coffee shop, read a new novel style, bike to the grocery store, listen to a new music style, … etc – These actions might seem small but they will train your mind to get out of his routine and try new things.

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Goals 2022 Diary

We have all written down a list of new year’s resolutions and every year we promised ourselves that this was our year, but by the end of January, we found ourselves back into our old “not so healthy” habits. To avoid this scenario once again, try following these two major rules:

  • Keep it simple: take a maximum of 4 habits/per year to build – 1habit/1Trimester
  • Consistency: Take your time to build up your habit, keep daily track and most of all celebrate your small achievements
  • Log your goals! Writing your new habits down can be a great way to begin working towards achieving this year’s resolutions and actually sticking to them. You can use the Yearly 2022 Diary to log your top goals and stay on top of your deadlines.



Whether you are focused on professional or personal success, the balance between these two is primordial for leading a healthy life. There is no secret recipe for this one, you just need to be fixed on your priorities and know when and what concessions are to be made. Keep in mind that these priorities are not fixed, and each day you get the chance to overthink them. The Getting Stuff Done planner is the perfect way to keep on top of your goals and manage all daily tasks whether that be work or play!

One last thing I would like to add is to focus on being better one task at a time, enjoy your failures and most of all enjoy the process of being a better version of yourself each day.

Written by Salwa Ghari.


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