5 Types Of People To Surround Yourself With If You Want To Be Successful

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Choosing a team is hard, choosing your friends is even harder – in fact impossible. Sometimes I’ve met people and had nothing in common with them for a few months, then realized that they’re the first person I text when something happens. If you want to be successful, you’re going to need some support so try to make sure your trusted circle contains these five types of people…

The eternal optimist

For those tough days where you can’t find anything good to motivate you. You need a friend who loves life, someone who is vibrant, who kicks their shoes off and cliff dives. Someone who you can call, text or visit when you need an instant boost.

The second family

You can pick your family. Everyone has that friend who is just so good and so nice that their family feels like an extension of yours. Not that there’s anything wrong with yours, but it is so nice to know you’re included, and other people like and appreciate you. You’ll trust these people no matter what you go through, and they’ll probably remain a massive part of your inner circle.

The challenger

Someone who isn’t afraid to challenge your ideas. Whether it’s on your team or in your personal life, you need someone who will give you a look if you suggest something stupid, who isn’t afraid to ask you what you’re thinking and who is confident enough to put their own ideas forward. We’re not saying someone who is antagonistic, but someone who’s driven and wants to challenge the way you think about something because they respect you.

The inspiration

Everybody needs someone around them that they admire. Whether it’s because of a few traits or all of them, finding someone that can give you life advice and that you can take notes from is really rare. Mentors are seriously invaluable, but it might be a friend who’s always been confident or a family member who has started their own company. Try to have conversations with them often, be open, ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

The listener

Everybody needs someone who will just listen. Sometimes, when someone says nothing in return you end up answering your own questions. They’re hard to find, but usually very wise, the kind of person who likes to encourage others to work out their problems by themselves. They’ll often nod and agree and only talk when they have a serious truth-bomb that you need to hear. They’ll keep you on the right path.

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  1. I have (almost) all these types of people around me. Sadly, there are more pessimists people around than the pozitive, inspirational ones.

    Cristina | *janded

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