5 Vlog Accounts That Will Motivate You To Reach Your Goals

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I start every day with a strong dosage of caffeine and watch my fave vloggers on YouTube because, not only are they relatable, but also incredibly inspirational. Seeing the successes of others, who come across as no different to me, is a daily reminder to strive for the best. If you’re wanting some career tips from YouTube star and career girl Tanya Burr, find out here! Below, are 5 vloggers who are amazing people that produce motivational content to help you out of a slump:


Fleur De Vlog


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Fleur De Vlog is the personal channel of one of the UK’s most successful beauty and fashion vloggers, Fleur De Force. It follows the day-to-day lives of Fleur and her partner, Mike – and their adorable doggies! She’s not only a smart business woman but through her vlogs do you realize her amazing work ethic and commitment to her followers. Her passion for her career is the most endearing trait and I could lose hours to her vlogs.


The Michalaks


The Michalaks began life as a beauty channel by Hannah Maggs. Now, it documents the family life of Hannah, her husband Stefan and their toddler, Grayson. Their weekly vlogs are like pieces of art – beautifully shot and edited, but still provide a realistic version of life with a small child. Hannah and Stefan are also successful entrepreneurs in their own companies and prove that you can make a living out of your passion! If you want to do the same, we have a few tips to help turn your passion into your pay cheque here.


Loey Lane


Maybe you know Loey’s channel since her “controversial” bikini video or you could also be totally clueless to who the hell I’m talking about! Loey Lane is a vivacious American vlogger, whose body confidence videos challenge the society’s ideals of beauty. Her positive personality never fails to make me laugh and she shuts down the haters with style. An admirable lady to check out!


Claire Marshall

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I’ve watched countless ‘What’s In My Bag’ videos, and yet Claire always finds a way to spice things up. She is a LA-based makeup maven, who pushes the boundaries of beauty vlogging with unique, creative and fun videos. She is also an inspiring woman, who shares her struggles while keeping it real and sincere. Her videos are exciting, empowering and definitely worth watching!


Samantha Maria

Samantha Maria has been on the world of YouTube for some years now, vlogging makeup tutorials, fashion lookbooks and more chatty videos – yet she always manages to produce fresh ideas and aspires for more. Not only is Sam a style goddess, but she is a tenacious go-getter who recently started up a fashion brand with her fiancé Jason. If you want to watch someone who just oozes positivity, then Samantha Maria is the one to follow.

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  1. Claire is so amazing!! Love everything that she puts up! x

    Katina | http://www.katinalindaa.com

  2. Great vloggers! Check out this new girl! https://www.theblondera.com/2016/03/february-favourites-2016/

  3. I love Samantha Maria! She’s got such a cool and edgy style! Claire seems like a vlogger I would like too, so I might give her videos a go!
    Aleeha xXx

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