5 Ways to Avoid The Holiday Weight Gain


With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve coming up, it’s inevitable that you’re gonna be doing more feasting than fasting. Here’s how to stay on track with your fitness goals without gaining the excess holiday weight:


photo: Kate Spade


Portion control

We totally understand that you might go crazy with the cheese plate (’cause we would too!) but before you make your third round, consider portioning your intake and enjoying every morsel. Fill up half of your plate with veggies and split the other half into quarters, filling them with carbs and protein. As for dessert, consider splitting that piece of cake with someone around the table.

Stick to your exercise routine 

Don’t fall prey into the excuse that you’ll get back on track once January 1st hits. By that time, you would have accumulated excess weight and would probably find it tougher to lose all that weight gained over the holiday season. Continue the routine that you’ve kept up but of course, make adjustments as you go. Seek out different kinds of exercises and keep things interesting so that your body will not fall into a plateau.

Divert your attention

Instead of habitually going for seconds, consider talking to people instead. Fill up your plate with food that’s enough to last you for two to three conversations and gradually eat as you socialize. After all, it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it’s full.

The problem with holidays is that people tend to be offended if you don’t eat your way through the day, distract them with dazzling conversation and you’ll be fine.

Just say no

Your relatives may be piling your plate with more food, but it’s alright to politely decline, especially if other members of your family (or friends) are overeating.

Saying that you’re “taking a break” will give a clear signal to your family that you’re done with eating. It will also give you time to assess if you’re truly full or that you could use a little more potato or veggies

Limit alcohol intake

Alcoholic beverages contain empty calories which do more harm than good. While we all love a glass of bubbly or two, keep in mind that you might be hopping from one party to another which will mean more drinking.

Try aiming for a glass or two of red wine, which usually has 75-105 calories per glass, that also boasts of health benefits too.

Remain positive

If you blew your diet, don’t worry! Get yourself back on track the next day. If you’ve had too much to eat the day before, go lighter on food for the next few days and up your exercise regimen. After all, what’s a holiday season without great food and some merry making?


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