5 Ways To Get Better At Smart Talk


Smart talk is all about having a positive and productive mindset. It’s surprising but speaking in a strong way can have a huge impact on your day. Talking in these terms can greatly improve some many aspects of your life. If you regularly find yourself saying “I hope,” “I wish,” “Maybe one day…” when it comes to your dreams, you need to consciously change your language to “I can,” “I am,” “One day I will…” in order to truly believe in yourself. Here’s how to get better at smart talk.

#1 Just do it!
Like many tasks, the hardest thing is often just getting started. Take positive action, say it loud and proud. “I will do that today!” Once you have got going,you will be amazed at how quickly you attract good things into your life.

#2 Commit
Commitment is key. Don’t just be focused and motivated for one day only. Keep this good trend going.  Commitment and sticking to a plan is crucial to success in any aspect of life. To get better at smart talk, you need to keep moving forward with these principles in mind.

#3 Stay away from negativity
This is tough. Human beings love a good whinge. Do not get sucked into the office moaning. Be proud of what you have achieved and stay focused on the road ahead. Complaining leads to negative energy, which is a major drainer. Ignore it where possible and remind yourself of all your positivity. Be excited by it.

#4 Monitor it
Keep a diary or plan what you are going to do with all this action and motivation. Having a firm idea of where you need to be is essential. Consistency is the key to success. Work towards these mini-goals and keep an eye on your smart talk. It is bound to lead to further success.

#5 Don’t be embarrassed
Others can sometimes be intimidated by those who speak firmly and frankly. Do not let their insecurities hold you be back. Speak clearly about your aims and passions. People may make silly remarks. Ignore them. Be proud that you are comfortable in your own skin and know where you are headed in life.

By Catherine Murphy

Featured Photo: ModaRosa