5 Ways How I Found My New Happy In The Middle Of A Quarter Life Crisis

After I finished my bachelor’s degree at 21, I came into some weird age gap that I am still in now, where I don’t know what to do, don’t really know where I am going, feel way too young to settle down and live to the same ‘social constructive lifestyle’ that most of my friends have, and at the same time I feel way too old to live an irresponsible life like I used to when I was 16/18.

It is exactly this feeling that makes me feel really unhappy from time to time. It feels like my future isn’t secure and that life is just passing by, and sometimes I wish I could just peek into the future to see where I am actually heading and see that hopefully everything is going to be okay. I didn’t want to have life pass me by and that is why I decided to enjoy it now, despite the insecure feeling it sometimes gives me. I needed to find the moments that I enjoyed the most, and by identifying them I found my new happy.

Visiting Colombia Flower Market while Mom is over for the weekend


I am a real family person and live by the saying ”Family first!’‘. Especially since most of my family are living in the Netherlands or Suriname, I enjoy every single minute I can spend with them. I used to go back to the Netherlands once or twice a year, but a couple of weeks ago I decided that I will go whenever I can to spend more time with my family and actually see my nephew grow up in real life instead of over Skype.

I am fully aware and have seen it with some of my friends, that family is not always as fun or reliable as it should be, that is why I definitely believe that sometimes friends become family and that non-blood related people are sometimes a better family than blood-related. You need to find and identify your own family.


I seriously have the best friends in the world that are there for me (and I for them) 24/7. They are the kind of friends that will come over to London to help me pack and move because they know how chaotic I am and when they are there, it just goes quick and smoothly or when I go back to the Netherlands for a week, they arrange with my parents that they pick me up with ‘Welcome back, we missed you” posters, while I am arriving thinking my parents will be there.

Having really good friends is so important and needed in life. I really believe that everyone should have their ‘ride or die inner circle’ that you can have some serious fun with, and at the same time talk to about when you are down or need some advice.


I’d rather go travelling or do something fun with family, friends or by myself than spend it on material stuff (if I can do both, that would be ideal, but if I had to choose, experiences it definitely is!)

In the end, experiences are what make your life more fun and worth living. Meeting new people, travelling and stepping out of your comfort zone is way more satisfying than buying that 400 pound dress.


I love me-time! I think it is so important to spend time on your own and just get to know yourself a little bit better every time.

You need to learn how to have fun with yourself and actually take the time to reflect, meditate or just chill and watch Netflix without being on your phone the whole time, connected to the outside world.

CGD girls on a rooftop in Berlin making selfies with their #selfiestick! #cgdteam
CGD girls on a rooftop in Berlin making selfies with their #selfiestick! #cgdteam

Career Girl Daily

Career Girl Daily definitely became one of my new happy moments and I can’t imagine my life without it. It is really stressful most of the time, but the satisfaction I get from it is enormous. I learn so much and the freedom we have in building our own little empire is just so much fun.

Whatever your version of my Career Girl Daily is, hold on to it. It is important that you have a place where you can think outside of the box and without limits. Where you can just be creative and see how you can turn a ‘nothing’ into a ‘something’!

  • Genevieve

    I read this with a big smile on my face!
    We dont speak or see each other much but I know you still got my back! And I got yours ofcourse! Can’t wait when youre back in town! In the Netherlands is not your future but somewhere abroad. (But please not outside of Europese, cause thats far tho!) I believe in you and I just know that CGD will become your ‘real’ job! Don’t give up and just enjoy every moment with the people you love and care for! Can’t wait to give you a big hug! Xx

  • rachel

    Hello Lois,

    Again a very inspiring article! I hope one day i’ll also reach this point. And i’m glad you are blessed with these family/Friends in your Life. Hold on to them!

    Greetings , Rachel

  • http://francescaandrews.com Francesca

    I definitely feel the same and I’d love to have a peek at my future self to see what I’m doing. It’s so difficult deciding what career is for you! Full time traveller would be ideal if anyone wants to pay me to do that haha!

  • http://lexmeetsworld.blogspot.com/ Alexis Jackson

    Reading this made me so happy for you! When you can find things that make your happy and surround yourself with those things, your whole life can change!
    Keep it up!

  • http://godinmovies.com/ Julia

    I’m so happy for you! Finding real good friends is hard, I know. It’s nice to have friends that seem like they were already part of your family to begin with. If you can imagine what it’s be like to live without your friends, then you know how tough it might be to find some place where you belong! I have to agree with the me-time. It’s amazing to discover something about yourself you never knew before! Keep your friends close!

  • http://thehappybits.blogspot.com Rachel Ang

    I love this post!! to see that happiness is found in the things we already have or can have, like family friends and alone time, is such a beautiful thing:)

    Rachel x

  • Jolie L

    Your post just made my day happier. Thank you so much! I found it motivated as well. Nice to know that you have such a beautiful family and friends who are always there for you.


  • http://www.shamarloves.wordpress.com Shamar

    Hello x

    Firstly, I LOVE Columbia road flower market. I read this and loved the simplicity of your blog post. I know the feeling oh so well! I’m 22 but failed my studies when I was 20 and now I’m at a point where I feel stuck and at a stand still. The feeling is horrible and although I also love my me time, family time, friends and experience (currently writing this in Denmark after spending time in sweden and getting ready to head back to London) I still feel that confusion and uncertainty. Hope things get better anyway


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